CoastLine: Legislative Look-Ahead with Reps. Ted Davis and Susi Hamilton

Jun 5, 2015

This broadcast of CoastLine originally aired on January 7, 2015. 

North Carolina lawmakers head back to Raleigh January 14th to elect House and Senate leaders.  

Governor Pat McCrory is already naming economic incentives as his number one priority this session -- just as Mercedes-Benz announces plans to locate in Atlanta thanks to millions of dollars in incentives from Georgia.

On this edition of CoastLine, Representatives Ted Davis and Susi Hamilton of New Hanover County join us to shine a light on this year’s agenda.

Will film incentives get another look?  How will the new House leadership change the political dynamic? And will Medicaid expansion have any legs? 

In-studio guests: 

Representative Ted Davis, Jr. (R-NHC) is a Republican first appointed to the House in 2012 to finish out the term of Danny McComas.  He was elected to represent the 19th District in November the same year,  and he was re-elected last November. 

Representative Susi Hamilton (D-NHC) represents District 18.  She was first elected in 2010, and she begins her third term this year.