CoastLine: Fred Nasseri On Being A Political Prisoner In Iran After The Fall Of The Shah

Jan 22, 2020

Fereydoun Nasseri will celebrate his 82nd birthday in March 2020.

He’s a Wilmington resident and business owner who escaped to United States almost 40 years ago (1981)  from the second-largest country in the Middle East:  Iran.

In the 1960s, Nasseri began his career with the Iranian Government.  But when the regime of the Shah fell during the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Nasseri found himself a political prisoner. 

Today, the man widely known in the Cape Fear region as Fred Nasseri, owner of the Gallery of Oriental Rugs in Wilmington, tells his story and explores the changes he’s observed in his country of origin over the last several decades. 

Disclosure:  The Gallery of Oriental Rugs is a long-time underwriter of WHQR.