CoastLine: Duke University Professor On African American History And Social Change

Jul 8, 2020

As we watch public tolerance for Confederate monuments shift, and as we see Black Lives Matter, both the idea and the organization command center stage in a mainstream global conversation, new questions are emerging (largely for white people) about systemic racism and where and how it hides in plain sight.  How is it perpetrated?  How is it expressed?  And why has it been invisible to so many white people for such a long time?  How has white supremacy managed to adapt over time to changing cultures in order to survive?

On this edition, we explore those questions through the lens of African American history. 

Adriane Lentz-Smith, scholar of African-American History, Associate Professor, Department of History, Duke University; Author, Freedom Struggles:  African Americans and World War One; Fellow, National Humanities Center; Senior Fellow, Duke's Kenan Institute for Ethics; Host, The Ethics of Now.