CoastLine: The David District Attorneys - Identical Twins, Divergent Politics, Shared Values

Mar 31, 2017

Jon David and Ben David are brothers.  They also happen to be identical twins.  And they’re both district attorneys for adjacent jurisdictions in North Carolina. 

Jon David, elected in 2010, is DA for the 13th District – which includes Bladen, Brunswick, and Columbus Counties.  He is right-handed.  And he is a Republican.

Ben David has served as DA for the 5th District  – which covers New Hanover and Pender Counties – for more than 12 years.  He is left-handed.  And he is a Democrat. 

But it’s not their dominant neurology – slash – politics (and whether there’s a connection there) that we  explore with them on this edition of CoastLine.   

We learn about what keeps them inspired, how they are close ideologically but not politically and what that means, and whether both of them, in fact, are on the show or it’s an early April Fool’s joke and one of them is answering to Ben and Jon.