CoastLine: Celia Rivenbark

Jun 17, 2017

Credit Isabelle Shepherd

Our CoastLine guest on Thursday, June 15, 2017 was New York Times best-selling author, columnist, and now playwright Celia Rivenbark. Her column is syndicated nationally, but she lives right here in Wilmington and we're lucky to have snagged her as a guest.

She wrote on her Facebook page:

Thanks WHQR public radio and Station Manager Cleve Callison for a fun hour today on Coastline. We talked politics, humor and, of course, THE PLAY. BTW, I made that shirt for Cleve who is retiring soon. We were comparing notes on the names we've been called over the years. Usually I'm just "that liberal bitch" but public radio draws more elegant cussing out, I guess!

She's referring to a Friday Feedback segment a while back where I read a message from a listener complaining that NPR is liberal, and that therefore I am a "minion of Satan". *

*Not true!

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