CoastLine: Celebrity Chefs Say Use The Whole Vegetable, Try Local Oysters This Holiday

Dec 21, 2017

It’s a romp across the holiday table today – whether you’re one of those people who dreads the days-on-end slog in the kitchen as relatives eat you out of house and home or if you love the chance to throw dietary concerns aside and let your creativity fly, we’re going to have some ideas for you. 

According to The Atlantic, Americans rarely eat together anymore.  Three years ago, the average American ate one in every five meals in the car, and most American families eat a meal together fewer than 5 times a week.  Did Washington Irving have the right idea when he said that holidays are “[…] for kindling the fire of hospitality”? 

With us today to “kindle that fire” are two local chefs:

Dean Neff, Pinpoint Restaurant in downtown Wilmington at 114 Market Street

Jessica Cabo, The Blockade Runner in Wrightsville Beach