CoastLine: Beneath The Surface X

Nov 4, 2019

This month's topic:  Donald Trump:  Impeach or Not?  It's a look at the qualities we seek in our leaders.

Eleven people, diverse in age, ethnicity, and political leanings, are engaged in a year-long experiment in civil discourse.  Each month, we bring you a conversation with members of the group.  We’re observing how the tone and quality of the conversation changes over the course of the year – and whether people with different views grow to value time with one another. 

As the group progresses, we’re trying to tackle more difficult conversations.  We don’t always know where these discussions will lead, and it’s important to remember that our goal is not a robust, cleanly fact-checked debate on an issue.  Our goal is to lean into curiosity about how other people think and see the world. 

To be clear, there is absolutely a place for the hard debate of issues with facts.  There is a place for pointing out the error in a line of so-called logic.  There is a place for challenging assumptions.  But the conversation here is not that place.  This experiment is designed to see whether people can diverge ideologically and still enjoy time with another.   Because if they can, we then have to examine what is possible what is possible in government and whether citizens will reach a point when they no longer tolerate the current political tone.

We’re talking about leadership on this edition:  what it means and the qualities we want to see in our leaders. 

BTS participants: 

Cedric, Founder of the nonprofit Support The Port, Jim, a glass artist and New Jersey transplant, Lee, an actor and woodworker, Lydia, artist and mom to a toddler, Bruce, a retired engineer and community and church volunteer, Darrell, a retired engineer and occasional wizard, Carl, a musician and Army veteran, Connette, an insurance broker, Joe, a real estate broker and GOP volunteer, and Morgan, recently earning her Master’s Degree from UNCW’s Creative Writing program.

Kathryn could not be with us this month.