CoastLine: Beneath The Surface VII

Aug 1, 2019

A dozen or so citizens, diverse in age, ethnicity, and political leaning, come together once a month around a table to eat lunch, discuss political issues, and learn about one another.  

This is a group whose paths might not otherwise cross in any meaningful way, and we’re attempting to see whether, over the course of the year, two things:  whether the tone of the conversation changes in any substantial way – but almost more importantly – whether this group will form strong enough bonds to want to continue their friendships.

Now in Month 7, we’re embarking on the second half of the experiment, and we’re changing some things.  Instead of having a few members of the group for our on-air discussion, we’ll have everybody each time.  We’re also going to share our lunches with listeners now – when our group seems to be the most open.  There’s safety in numbers. 

With us on this edition: 

Lydia, Cedric, Connette, Joe, Kathryn, Morgan, Jim, Darrell, and Lee.