Classical HQR 96.7fm is on the air!

Sep 16, 2014

Classical HQR 96.7fm schedule

WHQR Public Radio is honored to announce the debut of its new all-classical FM signal, Classical HQR at 96.7fm, broadcasting as of 5:30 pm, Tuesday September 16th. This 24/7, non-commercial classical station will join the newly expanded 24/7, non-commercial news and information station, WHQR News at 91.3fm. Full program schedules for both stations are now available for download here (right-click for PCs, Control-click for Macs):

WHQR was founded in 1980 and went on the air in 1984 thanks to the devoted work of listeners hungry for classical music on the radio. Now that vision will realize its long-cherished dream: a 24-hour classical FM station with Jemila Ericson, Pat Marriott, favorite syndicated programs -- and music, music, music.

HQR News 91.3fm schedule

This new service also brings great change to 91.3fm which will benefit news and information listeners. Programming on the original 91.3fm will include our new WHQR-produced CoastLine talk show, plus more shows from national and regional sources that have been requested by listeners over the years. Along with adding many new programs:

  • People's Pharmacy
  • BBC NewsHour
  • State of Things
  • America's Test Kitchen
  • Travel with Rick Steves

and many more, WHQR will be able to air popular national public radio programs like the Diane Rehm Show in their entirety and live, in real broadcast time.

As we celebrate 30 years of serving our wonderful community, we are excited to be able to offer this new gift to our listeners. We hope both our classical fans and our news and information listeners will love the hugely expanded service. We like to think that we're now giving listeners 48 hours of great radio a day.
All the best,

Cleve Callison
Station Manager

WHQR Public Radio, broadcasting from Wilmington, serves southeastern North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina with HQR News at 91.3fm and Classical HQR at 96.7fm. WHQR offers news, music, entertainment and interaction to expand knowledge, encourage artistic appreciation, engage our community and promote civil discourse.