A Classical Christmas & Hanukkah in July!

Jul 20, 2018

Coming soon to Classical HQR, we celebrate the CHRISTMAS in JULY and The Festival of Lights – Hanukkah!

Yes, we're a little early, but it's become a tradition around here. We took our cue in part from those cheesy promotions one encounters this time of year, but more so from a story of such a celebration 85 years ago at Camp Keystone, a girls summer camp near Brevard, North Carolina. Carols were sung and presents exchanged - something still done today - bringing the cooler spirit of the holiday to a long hot summer. We enjoy celebrating Hanukkah as well, featuring music with that thought in mind during the 10 o'clcok hour on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s classical playlist will include everything from a few choice carols to a Klezmer Nutcracker, along with a few non-holiday works that fit the mood.

Listen from 8:06 to noon on Wednesday, July 25, for Classical HQR’s annual summer holiday treat!