Cinematique Presents "Whiplash"

Feb 6, 2015


Andrew Neyman  (Miles Teller) is a young and ambitious jazz drummer who is determined to rise to the top. Motivated by his father's failures, Neyman finds solace in the talented yet terrifying Terence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons), an instructor at his elite music conservatory. Neyman is quickly subsumed into Fletcher's band, a move that pushes his inspiration into the realm of obsession and leads him to the brink of his ability - and his sanity. Don't miss this intense and riveting film, nominated for FIVE Academy Awards. (R, 1 hr 46 min)

Saturday, February 28, 4 & 7 PM

SCREENINGS ADDED: Monday - Wednesday, March 2 - 4, 7pm

Ruth and Bucky Stein Theatre

"Whiplash is electric from beginning to end, a musical story of obsession, frustration, and outright cruelty built on two knockout performances." - Tom Long, Detroit News

"It would be an insult to call Chazelle a "promising" filmmaker, as this movie doesn't indicate pure potential - it is evidence of authentic, sometimes blazing talent." - Richard Roeper, Chicago-Sun Times