CFPUA Reports Higher Levels Of PFAS in River

Jun 21, 2019

Today the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority released water quality results showing an increase in PFAS compounds in the Cape Fear River.  It's the highest concentration of total PFAS measured since last September.

CFPUA testing regularly finds PFAS compounds in water from the Cape Fear, despite state officials suspending Chemours’ permission to discharge its wastewater back in November 2017.

Analysis of raw water from June 3 shows total PFAS at 262 parts per trillion. Meanwhile the levels of PFAS in finished, treated water from the Sweeney plant during that testing were 119 parts per trillion.

In November, construction begins on new deep-bed Granular Activated Carbon filters at Sweeney. That will cost the utility $46 million. CFPUA says it should reduce PFAS levels by about 90 percent.