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The Cape Fear Region is the fastest growing section in North Carolina. Census figures show Brunswick and Pender Counties at the top of the list. Pender County is 933 square miles stretching from the Atlantic coast inland towards Wallace, Atkinson and Ivanhoe. In Part One of our series on growth in the region, WHQR goes to Pender County.

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New Hanover County District Attorney Ben David has cleared two Wilmington police officers of any charges in last month’s fatal shooting of Gerard Tremblay. David announced the decision today following a nearly month-long use of force investigation.

Vince Winkel

June's Bottega Live features two Wilmington singer-songwriters: Kersten Capra and Johanna Winkel.

WHQR's Bottega Live airs each month in conjunction with downtown Wilmington’s Fourth Friday Gallery Walk.

Abby Wood / Coral REEF Lab

Coral reefs are among the clearest harbingers of climate change.  That’s because they live at the upper end of their thermal spectrum – which means they’re sensitive to slight changes.  

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Tuesday evening at the Navassa Community Center, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality will be discussing plans for the clean-up of the town’s Superfund Site.  The site is laced with creosote-related chemicals in the soil, sediment and groundwater.

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Commuters who regularly rely on the Isabel Holmes bridge are facing some delays and detours. An 18 million dollar bridge preservation project is creating nightly lane and road closures that will last for nearly two years.

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Today the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority released water quality results showing an increase in PFAS compounds in the Cape Fear River.  It's the highest concentration of total PFAS measured since last September.



Here at WHQR, our Summer Drive is sounding very different – that’s because it is the Summer Stealth Drive and it's going on right now!

Alyson Fleming, Ph.D.

Whales are the largest mammals on earth.  They’ve also been around a long time.  According to UC Berkeley’s Evolutionary Biology website,  the first whales evolved over 50 million years ago from a terrestrial ancestor. 

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There are no tax hikes in Wilmington’s new budget. Tuesday night the city council unanimously approved the 2019 – 2020 budget, for the fiscal year that begins July 1st.  Members of the council wish they could do more.

Wilmington is still reeling from the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, and the latest city budget reflects that. The 200 million dollar 2019-2020 budget has been unanimously approved by the city council, and much of its focus centers around severe weather relief and planning.

Paula Poundstone is the first female to win a Cable ACE Award.  She’s also picked up an American Comedy Award for best Female Standup Comic.


Monday, July 8th

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Friends of Public Radio, Inc.'s Annual Meeting

MC Erny Gallery at WHQR

Thursday, June 27

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With deep gratitude for all of her wonderful work, WHQR announces that Kate Brandis has left WHQR for a great opportunity at Design Loud, an IT company at Tek Mountain. You might still hear her voice reading underwriting credits at WHQR, but we know she'll have great success in marketing and sales at Design Loud. 

Station Manager Michelle Rhinesmith had this to say about Kate: "Kate is an amazing talent; she has been one of the brightest lights at WHQR. A genuine person, with a gentle soul – she will be missed.” 

Vince Winkel

Residents in the Cape Fear region have been exposed to a lot of science in the past two years – as officials and citizens try to understand more about PFAS, GenX, Chemours and what else is in the water. In part 2 of this week’s series, WHQR’s Vince Winkel takes a look … at science.

  Are you a reporter having trouble getting records from your local government, school board or the United Way? Are you a private citizen or local nonprofit trying to get records on water quality or hurricane recovery, trying to look up a zoning issue or seeking to track crime in your neighborhood? North Carolina law says such information is presumed to be public, but it’s not always easy to get. 


GenX, PFAS and Chemours are part of the lexicon in the Cape Fear region. It’s been that way for two years, since the general public first heard about chemicals in the area’s drinking water supply. In part one of our series, WHQR takes a look at how it started, and where we are today. 

Andy Wood, Coastal Plain Conservation Group

The Magnificent Ramshorn Snail and the Greenfield Ramshorn Snail haven’t been found in the wild for more than a decade.

The East Coast of the United States – specifically North Carolina – is known for its beautiful beaches, but it’s not really on the map for world-class, surf-able waves.  Nonetheless, the Cape Fear region is growing a surprisingly robust surf culture.  

Cinematique of Wilmington, a series of independent, classic, foreign and notable films co-sponsored by WHQR 91.3fm Public Radio and Thalian Hall Center for the Performing Arts, Inc., is pleased to announce an upcoming double feature and panel discussion. On June 8, at Thalian Hall’s Stein Theater, there will be a screening of the 2019 film Bolden at 3:00pm and a screening of Louis at 5:00pm. A panel discussion led by Jon Cornick, the producer for both Bolden and Louis, follows the screeningsOther panel guests include Brian Stultz, Production Designer, Rudy Persico, 1st AD, Craig & Lisa Mae Fincannon, Casting Directors, and Alice Powell, Costume Supervisor.


The timeline for the Cape Fear Crossing project is getting longer.  The proposed 9.5 mile bridge and road planned between Brunswick and New Hanover Counties is raising concerns for stakeholders along the route.

Cape Fear Crossing is the 21st century plan to pick up where the Cape Fear Skyway left off.  

May's Bottega Live features two Wilmington bands: Entangled Dreams and Billy Heathen. 

WHQR's Bottega Live airs each month in conjunction with downtown Wilmington’s Fourth Friday Gallery Walk.

Vince Winkel

Hurricane Florence added stress to North Carolina’s fish industry. That was the consensus of marine scientists with UNC Chapel Hill and UNCW. While experts say the industry recovered from the storm, there remain challenges for those who make a living from the sea in the Cape Fear Region. 

WHQR / Katelyn Freund

Introducing today's guest seems almost like an exercise in absurdity.  For fifteen years, Steve Inskeep has anchored what is now the most listened-to news radio program in the United States.   Hosting NPR’s Morning Edition requires a daily wake-up time of 2:45 AM.  Despite that, or perhaps because of it, he’s written two books and expects to see his third published in early 2020.   


Halibut and yellowtail flounder fish populations are at all-time lows in the Atlantic.  That’s according to Seafood Watch of the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Cod, once prolific in the North Atlantic, is struggling.  Closer to home, catfish from the Cape Fear River and blue crab and mullet from the Brunswick River have high enough levels of mercury that officials recommend avoiding them.  

James Bowling

Our Annual Fundraising Luncheon on May 17th was a great success this year! Thank you to Steve Inskeep, host of Morning Edition for 15 years, who was a spectacular guest speaker. Thank you to our wonderful table hosts and guests who keep WHQR strong. Thank you to the hardworking staff at WHQR. And thank you, Wilmington, for continuing to value and support your local NPR station!

This week the Wilmington City Council will begin the process of approving its budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year, which begins July 1st.  The city has a $200.6 million budget on the table. 

The next edition of WHQR's Soup To Nuts Live! will feature Into The Fog on Thursday, May 30th at 8:00 pm (doors open 7:00 pm) in the MC Erny Gallery at 254 N. Front St. in downtown Wilmington. Price: $10 suggested donation at the door. Reserve a seat by sending an email to or call 910-343-1640 during regular business hours.