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Spotlight: Singer-songwriter David Dondero

Singer-songwriter David Dondero has long been a favorite of mine.  He has a live show that's completely unlike anything I've ever seen.  The shows are always special, whether it's before a big crowd, or as is too often the case, a small gathering.  However big the audience, though, it's held completely captivated from the moment Dave plays his first note.  In his music and in person, he's completely unafraid to speak his mind.  It's what makes him who he is, and frankly, it's what sets him apart from many, many musicians out there today. 

When Dave last visited WHQR, it was in 2009, and he was just about to release "Number 0 with a Bullet," an album he quickly followed up with an album of covers called "Pre-existing Condition."  He comes now in the midst of working on two projects.  One of which is something I've been hoping for since I first became aware of him:  a completely acoustic album, this one a retrospective double-album looking back at a career of "greatest hits," which he explained to me was tongue-in-cheek self-deprecation alluding to his belief there were no actual hits.  They might never have been commercial hits, but there could have, and really should have, been many.  Dave's other project is an album of new material.  He played 5 new songs during the time we had, and as you'll hear from the moment you click on the audio, he sounds on the verge of greatness once again.  He insisted to me that mainstream success isn't his goal.  Years ago, I might not have believed him, but time has shown me he seems to care about one thing the most:  art.  Uncompromising. Real. Art. 

David Dondero is playing a four night residency at the Soapbox from Thursday, April 25th through Sunday.  Check the Soapbox for details. 

Jeremy Loeb returned to WHQR at the start of 2013 after living in Washington D.C. and Carrboro, NC for a time. He had previously been working for WHQR as the host of All Things Considered and a backup to the station’s Operations Manager, George Scheibner for around 6 years. He moved back to his hometown of Durham to be close to family, where he worked at WUNC Public Radio for a stint of 2 years as a reporter, host, and producer. After that he moved up to DC with his partner for a year, which was a great experience for him. But he always remembered WHQR fondly and never lost his passion for public radio, so he was happy to return when the opportunity arose.