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New allegations say commissioner took $118,000 from joint account with wife days after contempt ruling

New Hanover County Chair Julia Olson-Boseman.
New Hanover County
New Hanover County Chair Julia Olson-Boseman.

New legal filings in a separation between New Hanover County Chairwoman Julia Olson-Boseman and her wife, Angie Olson-Boseman, add more details to pre-existing concerns and allegations about the county leader's financial issues.

On July 18, a judge in Wake County found New Hanover County Commission Chairwoman Julia Olson-Boseman in contempt of court. One week later, Angie Olson-Boseman, her wife, says the chairwoman took $118,000 out of their joint bank account, and moved it to a business account without her knowledge.

Julia Olson-Boseman is under investigation by the North Carolina State Bar for allegedly taking client funds from her now-closed law practice.

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Court records filed in New Hanover County for a separation between Angie and Julia Olson-Boseman offer insight into the ongoing financial and legal troubles the chairwoman is facing.

“On July 25, 2022, the Plaintiff secretly and unilaterally withdrew funds in the amount of $118,000.00 from the parties’ joint marital bank account at First National Bank (“FNB”) and caused said funds to be transferred into an account identified only as 'Business Checking XXXXXX5509.' Defendant had no prior knowledge of said business account until she obtained a bank statement from FNB on August 9, 2022. The Plaintiff’s withdrawal of marital funds on July 25, 2022 was without the consent or prior knowledge of the Defendant,” court records filed by Angie Olson-Boseman read.

Angie Olson-Boseman wants a judge to issue a preliminary injunction against Commissioner Olson-Boseman, that she says will protect her from further financial harm.

“Defendant is in need of an Order of Preliminary Injunction requiring Plaintiff to account for all such withdrawn funds and preventing the further disappearance, waste or conversion of said funds by the Plaintiff during the pendency of this litigation and such order is needed to protect the Defendant’s rights during the course of this litigation and prevent further irreparable harm to the Defendant,” according to the court records.

That’s not the only claim Angie Olson-Boseman makes. She also said Commissioner Olson-Boseman racked up $26,000 in credit card debt on cards that Angie is the primary account holder, and her wife was an authorized user.

“Immediately prior to and immediately following the date of separation, the Plaintiff used credit cards in the name of the Defendant to make purchases, and allowed third parties to make purchases, totaling the approximate amount of $26,000.00. The Plaintiff was an ‘authorized user’ on said credit card accounts but not authorized by Defendant to make charges for Plaintiffs separate and non-marital purposes nor was any third-party associate of the Plaintiff authorized by Defendant to make charges on Defendant’s credit card,” according to the court filing.

Julia Olson-Boseman started a party bus business and Angie Olson-Boseman said her wife’s business partner also used her credit cards without her permission — and she says he is still in possession of them.

Angie Olson-Boseman also is asking the judge to require Julia Olson-Boseman to turn over a check that was made out to both of them — for the sale of a boat — so she can pay down credit card debt that she says Commissioner Olson-Boseman racked up for her new business.

“Subsequent to the date of separation, the parties sold a boat, which was marital property, and the net proceeds were disbursed in the form of a bank check payable to Plaintiff and Defendant that, upon information and belief, is currently in the Plaintiffs possession,” according to court records.

Alimony request by Julia Olson-Boseman

In a separate filing within the same court case, Julia Olson-Boseman is seeking post separation from Angie Olson-Boseman listing four points in the court documents listed below:

  • “That Plaintiff is actually substantially dependent upon the Defendant for her maintenance and support;
  • That the Plaintiffs gross monthly income is substantially less than that of Defendant’s gross monthly income;
  • That the Plaintiff is without sufficient funds to subsist during and after the pendency of this action and to defray the necessary legal expenses of this action;
  • That the Defendant has the ability to contribute to the support of the Plaintiff so that the Plaintiff can meet her reasonable needs and maintain a lifestyle she enjoyed prior to the date of separation ...”

Not only does Commissioner Olson-Boseman want alimony, she is also asking the judge to make her wife pay her for legal fees, as well as for ‘unequal distribution of marital property’ in favor of Commissioner Olson-Boseman.

Angie Olson-Boseman spoke with WECT on the phone, but declined an on-camera interview for the time being. An email was sent to Commissioner Olson-Boseman’s attorney, however, he has not yet responded.