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CAPE FEAR MEMORIAL BRIDGE: Updates, resources, and context

A local organization in Wilmington is helping Louisiana recover from Hurricane Ida

Destruction is left in the wake of Hurricane Ida in Grand Isle, La.
Win McNamee
NPR/Getty Images
The aftermath of Hurricane Ida left flooding and damage throughout Louisiana

With electricity still out in much of Louisiana, The Cape Fear Volunteer Center is collecting donations to help with Hurricane Ida relief efforts.

Hurricane Ida devastated parts of Louisiana leaving thousands without food, water, electricity or a place to live. Now, as hurricane victims struggle to rebuild their lives, organizations are stepping up to assist in the recovery process.

The Cape Fear Volunteer Center, which has an affiliate organization in New Orleans, will be collecting both cash and gift cards from Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowe’s Home Centers. For now, donations of supplies are not being accepted because of delivery difficulties in the affected areas.

Annie Anthony, CEO of The Cape Fear Volunteer Center, said while there is an urgency for the people of Louisiana, everyone needs to recognize it will take time: “My gosh, just just take it slow, breathe. And remember to do self care, with all the volunteers and all the people, you know, you just want to get everything back to normal, it will eventually get back to normal.”

Anthony also said, “now is not the time to go to Louisiana to help, it’s not safe." Anyone wanting to help should wait until conditions improve.

For more information about how to donate or about becoming a disaster volunteer, go to capefearvolunteercenter.org. Gift cards can also be dropped off at the volunteer center located at 5041 New Centre Drive.

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