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Upcoming community for homeless Wilmingtonians showcases its first tiny home

An upcoming tiny home community, set to house dozens of homeless individuals in the region, has installed its first home. The project is called Eden Village.

The upcoming community is a passion project of Kim and Tom Dalton, based off of a similar project in Missouri.

The Wilmington community, located on Kornegay Avenue, will eventually feature 32 total homes, one person to each. All units will be fully furnished and decorated. And there will be community amenities, too -- including a Salvation Army, and a garden.

Kim Dalton says that funding for the project will mostly be through donations and grants. Right now, they still have $2 million to raise. 

“So we think our next phase, this 2021, is where we're doing our fundraising for our infrastructure. Then after that, we will start putting the homes up. And we have nine fully funded homes now. But we've got to get the infrastructure and the donations for the community center and get that all in.”

Residents will be selected based on their history of local homelessness -- a minimum of one year. They also must have a chronic medical condition, whether that’s a physical or mental disability.

Once selected, they’ll have access to volunteer personnel, and social services. And they’ll pay a fixed rental rate below market price, through secured federal or state assistance, or employment income. 

Dalton says that with the use of that personnel -- social workers, substance use support, nurses -- she believes the community will not just house residents, but provide rehabilitation. 

“There are things that they'll have to learn, and I'm sure things we'll learn from them as well. So, that's what we think is really going to be powerful for them, to come and have a community. Not only will they have 32 family members in this community, but also our community, and Wilmington -- alongside them.”


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