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CoastLine: Cabbage Casserole, Pie Crusts, And Smoking The Bird With Dean Neff & Lydia Clopton


Cabbage casserole.  Does it conjure images of comfort food and yummy smells?  Or does it remind you of the cringe-worthy dish from Aunt Gertrude that made the house smell like Uncle Leo’s indigestion?

Are you bored with the way you’ve prepared the turkey – to the point where you look forward more to the side dishes than the meal’s centerpiece?   Have you tried to cook it other ways and suffered through exploding oil or a bird burnt to a hard crisp?

It’s our annual holiday food show – where you get to ask the experts how to deal with a particular food conundrum you’ve encountered in years past and not solved; but even better, if you’re looking for some really good ideas that are new but won’t alienate those who love tradition – today is your day.


Dean Neff, Executive Chef and Co-owner of Pinpoint Restaurant in downtown Wilmington on Market Street between Front and Second Streets.

Lydia Clopton, the Pastry Chef at PinPoint and owner of Love, Lydia, a bakery and cafe at Greenfield and Third Streets

After the mics went off...

we heard from Nick again about turducken:

"...turducken is a classic dish including turkey tur duck duck and chicken en all put together makes a turducken. You can make a gin and tonic with mezcal instead of gin but you wouldn't be communicating very well."

Point well-taken, Nick.  Thanks for writing.