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Mosquitos - 44 Species Here And Counting

Summer means more mosquitos in the Cape Fear region. Especially when it rains. The water creates ideal breeding conditions.  New Hanover County’s Mosquito Control Department is keeping busy.

There are 44 different species of mosquitos in New Hanover County. That’s a lot of bugs.

“Mosquito spraying season takes place when our mosquito traps and our mosquito numbers and species warrant mosquito control.”

Marie Hemmen is Environmental Health Supervisor for New Hanover County Mosquito Control. From her lab near the airport, she keeps tabs on which mosquitos are breeding and where.

She says it was a busy June, because of all the rain.

“We will start to see a lot of container breeding mosquitoes as well as mosquitoes in natural areas like woodland pools, ditches and salt marsh mosquitoes as well. Although those numbers have been down and we haven't seen the populations we used to see in the past.”

Permanone 30-30 is the chemical sprayed by the mosquito trucks, in the evening.

The county says the chemical is not a danger to humans, but as a precaution residents are encouraged to go inside for 30 minutes when one see’s a truck spraying, and drivers are instructed to cut off the sprayer if people are near the road.

Residents are advised to reduce their time outside at dusk and dawn, remove any water collected around the home, and apply mosquito repellent. For more tips on dealing with mosquitos, visit the county website.


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