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Top stories of 2012? You decide!


As WHQR's Webmaster, I spend a lot of time analyzing and evaluating WHQR.org's online traffic. One thing that interested me this year was the amount of views our WHQR News stories were getting.

The list you're about to see is the cold hard data - the top ten most viewed stories by our online audience this January 2012 - December 2012 period (from most popular to less popular).

What I would like to know is:

How does this list stand up to the community's opinion? What are YOUR most important stories of the year and why? Share you thoughts with us via this super simple ballot, or just comment below!

Top Stories of 2012:

  1. Amtrak Bus Service to Begin in Wilmington
  2. "Iron Man 3" donates to Wilmington Seamen's Center
  3. WHQR's Candidate Forums & Election Coverage
  4. To Stand on Their Own Two Feet: Wilmington's Burmese Community
  5. Wilmington City Council supports $37 million bond for baseball, but voters make the final call
  6. NHCo. Launches White Space Network
  7. Uranium enrichment possibility at GE-Hitachi in Castle Hayne worries some nuclear scientists
  8. Wilmington City Council Annexes 10 Acres Off Gordon Road
  9. Arts Council Executive Director sees cultural landscape as key economic driver
  10. EPA points to Castle Hayne as Environmental Justice area


Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with us! Just a quick reminder: The 10 stories above are the ones that received the most "hits" on our site, so to speak. This is certainly not an all-inclusive list of the most important happenings in 2012. That's why we love hearing from you guys. If you know of a particular WHQR story that is important to you, feel free to mention or link to it!

- John Mortara, Webmaster