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Amendment One: Examining Marriage - Part II

For the second part of our series on marriage leading up to the constitutional amendment vote on Tuesday, Amanda Greene of Wilmington Faith and Values tells the love story of Kure Beach residents Mario and Judi Paparozzi.

When Mario and Judi Paparozzi started dating, she knew their connection was spiritual.

“We found out that we both don’t drink, and we share the same values. That was it.”

For Judi, her Catholic faith is her anchor and guide. For Mario, unquestioning faith doesn’t come as easily, though he is Catholic.

“I was raised in a house where you went to church, got baptized, had confirmation, and you didn’t have to go to church anymore after that.”

One of the values Mario and Judi share is the belief that marriage between one woman and one man is God’s gift for procreation. They feel so strongly they voted early before the May 8 primary, checking the box in favor of the proposed constitutional marriage amendment. Voting for the amendment has also been the consistent urging of both Catholic bishops in North Carolina.  Judi believes being obedient to God’s word about marriage is a crucial part of their union.

“Our whole marriage has always been based on the fact that there are three people in our marriage – Mario, Judi and Christ.”

In their family, Mario and Judi had three children and one miscarriage, but prayer got them through the tough times. For Mario, their wedding day 23 years ago remains the best day of his life.

“Well, it’s been great. And I hope it will continue to be great.”

“In Italian, we say cent’anni which means a wish for 100 years. So what I say about our marriage is cent’anni, honey.”

“Yeah, cent’anni for sure.”

Amanda Greene posts for Wilmington Faith and Values.