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"Where Are They Now?" Featuring C.R. DeVries

In this series, we're catching up with some of the UNCW/WHQR past Graduate Fellows. 

Next up is C.R. DeVries, one of WHQR's past Web Services Fellows. 

What is your job title and role now?

I’m a Senior Technical Writer for nCino.

What was your position at WHQR and how long were you here?

I was the Web Services intern during my last year of grad school at UNCW. 

What school were you in and what was your degree?

I was in the English program while I was at UNCW. I completed my MA in English, and I concentrated in Science and Medical Writing.

What do you remember most about your time at HQR?

There are so many amazing things I remember about my time with WHQR, but I think some of my top memories were working the Gallery Nights (I miss coming to those), A Little Lunch Music, and getting to see Joshua Johnson speak live.

Gallery Nights were so much fun to help run. I really enjoyed seeing such a variety shows come through the station. Each artist was so talented, and I remember getting excited for the artist every time someone bought one of their pieces. I’m really looking forward to being able to have Fourth Fridays downtown again to see the first Back-From-COVID show in the gallery.

In general, A Little Lunch music was amazing. That’s actually where I got to learn more about live-streaming events—all while listening to some truly moving music. I remember an opera in town came to perform some of the numbers from Carmen. Fantastic.

Any funny or exceptional memory or experience you can share?

One funny memory was during one of the pledge drives I got talked into trying to encourage people to donate on-air. Apparently, stage fright can still happen even if no one is looking at you? It was still really cool to see Barbara in action on air though! 

How did your fellowship impact your future and where you are now?

Funny enough, I actually met my partner while I was an intern for WHQR. She was one of the front desk volunteers that started the same week that I started my internship. We finally started talking at one of the A Little Lunch Musics while we were setting out chairs before the event started. So, that definitely impacted my future.

On a different note though, working with WHQR impacted the way I listen to and consume the news. I was there during the initial GenX story breaking. I watched everyone in the news department research and then translate that research so the public could understand what was going on, which is really similar to how technical writing works. You take all the aspects of a product—technical information, business value, marketing and so on—and translate it in a way for everyone to understand. I learned a lot from that experience and it helped me grow as a writer. 

Anything else you'd like to add?

If you’re a grad student at UNCW, I cannot recommend this internship enough. Everyone was so nice, the programs (both on-air and in person) are wonderful, and you will learn a lot from the experience. 

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Mary Bradley moved to Wilmington from Los Angeles, CA in May 2007 with her husband Frank and twin baby daughters, Maggie and Kate. In California, Mary had been Drive Director and the producer of Elvis Mitchell's nationally syndicated public radio interview program "The Treatment" for public radio station KCRW for ten years. Mary was raised in Rhode Island and graduated from Boston University. Mary recently served as President of the Board of Directors of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Cape Fear Chapter.