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Friday Feedback for July 24, 2015

Please, stop thanking me for listening. The thanks should go to WHQR for what it does. -- Roy

Listener Beth wrote:

Thank you for doing the no interruption fund raising. It made me want to donate again.

Listener RA agreed, but added,

Just don’t spend days telling us how you are not going to interrupt programming!

That’s our hope, RA, but it depends on how the pledges come in – when we hit the goal, we’ll stop. Thanks for writing.

Listener Helen wrote:

I really dislike the new format. I have to change my radio back and forth all day long to get the news. I actively dislike most of the new ‘talk’ shows on 91.3, so I switch to the 96.7, which is NOT easy. But the hours news is critical & I want that. So I put up with the switching back and forth.

Maureen Miller wrote:

Your program brings a smile to my face everyday. I love classical music, but must admit, I don't know much about it. You are teaching me. I thank you.

Oliver Carter wrote:

I believe [the Marine back near Jacksonville] is pronounced [le-JOON, ] like the month of June rather than like adjourn even though its etymology is French. At least I've never heard it pronounced with an R until this morning's local news.

I wrote to Mr. Carter, directing him to a Marine Corps website. That gives the pronunciation of the Lt. Gen. for whom the camp is names as John A. Lejeune “luh-jern”. The Associated Press also gives the pronunciation as “leh-jern”. This seems to have been official base policy, starting a few years ago. WHQR actually did a story about this once for NPR. We try to use the Camp’s preferred pronunciation as a courtesy to the Marine Corps. Mr. Carter followed up:

I wondered whether the base might be named after an individual. It's nice to know how he pronounced his name. However, I still don't concede that's how you pronounce the name of the base. By that logic, wouldn't the first syllable of the county seat of Cumberland County be pronounced [i.e. fi-YETT-ville]? Consider it from another perspective--if you asked 100 people the name … how many do you think would pronounce it with an "r"? Not that the wisdom of crowds is infallible, but with respect to local geography, I think it carries some weight.

Listener Chris wrote:

I can't access a current play list for the classical station, and I'd like to see a link for contacting the station at the top of your website, but love you all anyway!

Mike and Julian from Leland wrote:

We just moved to the area from Idaho. Thank you so much for being here, and for sponsoring Cinematique. We love [public radio]!

John and Betsy Wood wrote:

We have been in Wilmington one year and have supported NPR for over 20 years, Great programming!

Listener Roy wrote:

I have been a member ever since retiring here. I became a sustaining member several years ago, which has made my giving so much easier... no need to call... no need to go to your website. WHQR has become just another of my many automatic pay bills. And please, stop thanking me as a listener for listening. The thanks should go to WHQR for doing what it does. Thank you!!!

Despite what Roy says, I’m going to thank him, and all of you who have pledged at whqr.org.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can always leave a message via email to feedback@WHQR.org. Our Feedback Phone is 910-292-9477. And thanks for your feedback.