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Friday Feedback

Friday Feedback for March 31, 2017

One of the crown jewels of our wonderful city. - Murray and Deanne

One of the great things about our fundraising campaigns is hearing directly from listeners about what they like (or don’t). I’m touched and appreciative for the comments made about me on my retirement later this summer. Here are some other samples from last week’s Take A Day Off drive. Laura Dean of Wilmington said: “Thank you for consistently bringing excellent programming to Wilmington." Donna Giles and Sue Sneddon of Shallotte said: “WHQR is more important than ever in our current political climate. We need voices of reason news that is just the opposite of "fake”speakers who can discuss opinions in thoughtful clear ways without histrionics and vitriol. Thanks WHQR!”

Jeff Stauffer of Carolina Beach said:

Breath of fresh air. Been here 3 yrs.

Robert Moore and Sherry O'Daniell of Wilmington said:

Thanks for Cleve's excellent editorial [in the StarNews]. My congratulations on his retirement and best wishes. Thanks for his many years with WHQR.

Richard High Joyce Clark of Bolivia said:

We love the BBC. Listen all day when we are here half the year.

Angelina Baynes of Wilmington said:

I recently moved to Wilmington from Vermont where I worked for a community access television station. Community media is so important and I appreciate WHQR!

Murray and Deanne Sherman of Wilmington said:

One of the crown jewels of our wonderful city.

Linda Thomas of Wilmington said:

Miss Prairie Home Companion.

Also Rick Kappelmann, Julia Talbutt and others. I’m not sure if they mean the old show Garrison, or the new replacement.

Alex Parks of Wilmington said:

As a young person in the area and as a local native, I really enjoy the news station and I have been really liking 1A and Coastline, and all the news is excellent.

Martha Elkins of Myrtle Beachsaid:

so very grateful for frequency in Myrtle Beach; I love being able to hear you in the home and car.

Darlene Powell Grayson Powell of Wilmington said:

Thanks for the smartphone app. it's really going to help with streaming!

Kim Murrill of Wilmington said:

I wanted to put Barbara Bush over the edge.

Hey, no problem, Kin.

Ben George of Winnabow donated because

WHQR are nice people

Donna Scarangella of Wilmington said:

So enjoy Rachel (love her voice) and love George's smooth landing. George's mix is like no other I've heard before. Like an oasis. Everyone is amazing. love the whole station.

Maryilyn Reyna of Wilmington said:

I heard something on people's Pharmacy that saved my life.

Anne Langan of Wilmington said:

Grateful for 18 years of listening pleasure.

Grg Magidow Tanya Magidow of Wilmington said:

Thank you for being our voice of informative reason and sanity in this new world blathering noise bluster!

Now some of these comments were typed in by donors as they made their pledges online. Others were recaps made by our phone volunteers. The combination of phone calls, pledge room activity and occasional unfamiliarity with the station produces some . . . interesting results. For example, I’m often called Steve Callison. I’m used to it. We usually see 2 or 3 approvals for our daytime mathematical tutorial called “Morning Addition,” so we’re thinking about putting on a new show, “Evening Subtraction.” And this time I enjoyed hearing from the listener who likes “Wait Wait Don’t Call Me.”

Thanks to everyone who made our Take A Day Off campaign such a big success. We really appreciate it.

Our Spring Survey is still open – please fill it out and let us know your preferences. Find our more at whqr.org.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can send an email message to feedback-at-whqr-dot-org, or you can leave a call at 910-292-9477. And as always, thanks for your Feedback.