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Friday Feedback

Friday Feedback for March 10, 2017

Priceless! -- Amy, via WHQR Spring 17 Survey

An anonymous listener has left a couple of profanity-laced messages on our station line (not the Feedback line, so I don’t have permission to play it). But he objected, in a very angry tone, to at least 3 things: 1) Commercials, some apparently with with Pat Kobala (WRONG!); 2) Ads every 5 minutes on the classical station (WRONG!); 3) Ads every 2 minutes interrupting programming with messages that say we’re not going to interrupt programming (mostly WRONG!).

The goal of our upcoming Take A Day Off campaign is to REDUCE program interruptions, while still raising the money we need to operate. The messages he’s hearing now occur only at natural breaks in the programming, exactly the same as our other messages.

Listener Kelly wrote:

During your Feedback segments I have noticed quite a few people complaining about NPR's coverage of the Trump administration. While it is certainly too bad if they stop listening to your station over syndicated programming, you shouldn't apologize for NPR's coverage. The job of the news organization should not be to commit equivalent time to positive and negative coverage of an administration, rather it should be to cover the newsworthy developments. NPR probably does the best job of any news organization in achieving this goal. The extraordinary events of the last month should not be normalized as the complainers seem to suggest. NPR and the rest of the press need to stick their guns and WHQR should not apologize for it.

Here are some more comments from our Spring 2017 Listener Survey:

Jim wrote:

Internet connections for streaming are often spotty which can affect use.

Sharon wrote:

ONLY acceptable station in Wilmington. I've lived here 25 years.

Hawkins wrote:

I have been turning off or tuning out programs like 'Wait Wait', Fresh Air' and 'Political Junkie' because they are ALWAYS anti Trump diatribes. Travel with Rick Steves is unbelievably boring. Great American Songbook are often repeats… Even the theme music from 'Splendid Table' grates. Imagine sitting down to a romantic meal to that racket?

Tyler wrote:

Jazz has got to go. If nothing else combine jazz and classical into one station… Also it is disheartening how biased NPR (local too, especially "State Of Things") has become… Even (some of) us non Trump voters want diverse opinions. Being obviously biased only re-enforces the negative stereotype of the "liberal media". Honestly I can't complain too much, I listen all the time, I love Coastline (RLH!), Car Talk, Wait Wait, Radio Lab, This American Life and more. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous wrote:

I can't get Classical HQR except on a small HD radio which I purchased for that purpose. I don't appreciate your extending classical HQR to Myrtle Beach and not increasing power so that we can receive it in the Ocean Isle Beach area.

For Anonymous and others, the FCC strictly regulates the location, frequency and power of broadcast stations. It seems counter-intuitive, but the radio environment around Ocean Isle is more crowded than the area around Myrtle Beach, or around the Southport/Oak Island area. Your best bet is either an HD radio, or listening online.

Anonymous wrote:

[The] programming changes made a couple years ago were huge improvements to me. Until then, I listened to WUNC most of the time.

Amy wrote:


No Feedback next week because we’ll be fundraising. If you want to help us with our Take A Day Off campaign, go to whqr.org and make an early pledge.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can send an email message to feedback-at-whqr-dot-org, or you can leave a call at 910-292-9477. And as always, thanks for your Feedback.