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Friday Feedback

Friday Feedback for January 13, 2017

Now I have Classical HQR too for those times when I can't take any more of current events. -- Reed

This message came in this week for our emPowering Our Future campaign, whose last official day was New Year’s Eve. It comes from listener Reed, and it encapsulates a sentiment which I’ve heard from many people: “Congratulations on your success with the emPowering Our Future campaign! Enclosed is a small — and belated — gift to that campaign. I’ll go out on a limb and speculate that there will be an even greater need for public radio in the next four years. Now I have Classical HQR too for those times when I can’t take any more of current events. Best wishes for the continuing success of WHQR!”

By the way, that drive is now $13,000 over the goal of $1.5 million. Together with listener commitments to make future planned gifts such as memorials and bequests, the grand total is approaching an amazing $1.9 million. We are humbled by the response from this incredibly generous community.

Listener Catherine wrote:

I am a New Yorker reader but I thought the New Yorker hour addition selection seems a bit tone deaf in the era of the greater separation of the haves and the have nots. Hope this selection is balanced with more thoughtful local coverage. . . Cheers!

Listener Stan wrote:

Thank you for the best programming on radio!

Listener Huey wrote:

The website says that the tower has been restored to full power. Was that perhaps after the New Year’s holiday? The HDRadio was out, and the signal on the “regular” radio was sporadic and static-filled. . . I could not hear the opera last weekend, and could not hear it again this weekend. We had meant that our contributions to the radio station would be meaningful. We have been contributors for a long time. Will there be a time when we CAN hear our connection to the sentient world? The radio plays a significant part in our lives and we depend on its beautiful melodies, insightful queries, pointed news reports---and the Opera (plural).

I wrote to Huey that last weekend, we experienced two different but related problems. When the signal traveling from the transmitter on the ground up to the antenna at 1,200 feet encounters resistance, the reflected power back down can damage the transmitter. At such times it shuts itself off for protection. For several days there was a kink in the transmission line that caused the reflections, and problem that has now been permanently fixed.

But over the weekend the freezing rain caused ice to build up on the antenna, and that increases reflected power also. The only solution is to wait for it to melt, as we did. When the main 91.3 signal is down or reduced, the HD signals are gone as well. As I record this 91.3 (thankfully) is at full power, and Huey should have no trouble hearing Classical HQR on HD2. In cases of other trouble, listening on-line is probably the best bet.

Listener Robin wrote:

I know it's probably cheap but could you please get rid of Car Talk or put on some other time. I've recently started enjoy Radio Lab. I understand why you removed Prairie Home Companion [and] glad you have Thistle Shamrock.

Listener Chris wrote:

I have noticed more mistakes lately. Sometimes wrong information about a piece of music is given and occasionally the wrong piece is announced.

This came in from the Cape Fear Museum:

I wanted to pass on my thanks to Gina Gambony for her very kind interview yesterday. The interview was quite enjoyable and Gina did a wonderful job in editing to highlight the most interesting parts of the Museum’s upcoming programs. I truly appreciate all the WHQR does as a community radio station, making connections for people in our area. Many thanks.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can send an email message to feedback-at-whqr-dot-org, or you can leave a call at 910-292-9477. And as always, thanks for your Feedback.