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Friday Feedback for December 9, 2016

Thrilled to be listening. - Carol Higgins

Today's Friday Feedback is going to be a little bit different. I'm recording this on Thursday afternoon before our one-day drive is over and so I don't have any final totals to give you for it. I hope our announcers will be able to give you that. I'm going to just take a look at some of the comments that were made and read them, kind of at random :-)

James Papile and Kay Evans of Wilmington said:

We recently moved and are enjoying your station.

Maurice Cunningham said he appreciates the quality of the radio without commercials.

Ted Wilgis and Melissa Wilgis of Hampstead said

Thank you for your hard work and the wonderful support of local nonprofits.

Julia Talbot echoed that she's pleased with Habitat and with Diane Rehm.

Gene Peterson says

Habitat is doing great work.

Laura Dean in Wilmington said

Thank you for all you do to keep us informed and updated on local national and regional news.

"Great job," Carol Higgins said:

Thrilled to be listening.

...and she's calling from Bolivia.

James Daniel Lockley and Mary Lockley said

Our life will be greatly diminished when Diane Rehm leaves.

That was a thought echoed by several people.

Olivia Cunningham said

Your programs keep me up to date on current events for my studies at UNCW's MPA (the Masters in Public Administration).

Gus Franklin and Linda Franklin of Wilmington said

We wish this is how everyone got their news.

Diane and Craig Snow said they...

...love the station and the good works it does for the community.

Jessica Thijs says

I love listening to NPR. It relaxes me as I make my hour long commute. Thanks for being great.

Helen Gabriel says

It's a nice station and makes me happy to listen.

Elizabeth singer of Wilmington's said

WHQR covered the election better than any TV. And Wait Wait don't tell me,

she added.

Also Jean Cantey-Kiers said she's

...not a fan of The Political Junkie

From Bob and Win: they said they're

..particularly appreciative of the BBC News Hour. We rely on it.

"This is the only station practically that I can stand," said Christine Hebert:

I just love it.

Doug Smith of Wilmington and Karen Smith said

We're glad you're doing the partnership with Habitat. It's a great thing.
Gary Dale of Wilmington said ...looking forward to homemade holiday shorts on Sunday night. We'll be there.

Ed Ablard and Alex Dore said

More two by fours!

Clyde Edgerton and Christina Edgerton appreciate Coastline:

The topics covered and the way they're covered make it a very important program for our region.

From Kathleen Glancy (this is actually from Mike and Kathleen Clancy):

Kathleen is a founding member of Cape Fear Habitat and is a big fan of coastline, in particular Rachel Lewis Hilburn.

Thanks to all who made contributions and comments during our one-day fund drive. We really appreciate your support. We know that Habitat for Humanity appreciates your support as well as the support from Builders FirstChoice of Wilmington. For every pledge that we got yesterday, Builders FirstChoice will donate a 2 x 4  to help build a Habitat for Humanity home.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can send an email message to feedback-at-whqr-dot-org, or you can leave a call at 910-292-9477. And as always, thanks for your Feedback.