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Friday Feedback for September 23, 2016

Sara Jarvis wrote:

I’ve been happily listening to WHQR via my SONOS system for several months. I access the station via Radio by TuneIn — a program that came loaded on my system. During that time, I’ve had several experiences in which the WHQR signal simply disappeared. . . For the past week, WHQR is totally inaccessible via the Radio by Tunein program.

And listener Nina wrote:

I usually stream 91.3 through the NPR News app when I am on the go in the morning. Starting last Saturday, . . I can get the music station but not 91.3. . . Are there plans to fix this?

I wrote to Sara and to Nina that NPR has been making some changes in the companies handling audio streams for stations like us. We have been adapting our specifications and audio servers to accommodate those changes. Streaming directly from our website works fine. We’ll check into the way the NPR feed appears in Sonos and in the TuneIn app and see what tweaking needs to be done on our end to implement that properly. In the case of Sara’s Sonos, it’s probably a matter of entering a new URL into the machine.
UPDATE: Since Nina wrote, the NPR News app has been fixed for both iPhone and Android. Listeners, please let us know if you’re having problems accessing either the HQR News stream or the Classical HQR stream. Send your comments to feedback@whqr.org.

Listener Sarah posted this, in response to an item on last week’s Friday Feedback:

The anonymous listener from Oak Islands seems to be suggesting that only LGBTQ people are interested in news that is associated with LGBTQ communities in some way. The LGBTQ acronym sometimes includes A for allies so that increases the size of the population with a direct interest in LGBTQ right there. Governor McCrory represents only 1 of approximately 10 million people in the State of North Carolina. We wouldn't expect to hear about him only 0.00001% of the time though because he is connected to so many people. With recent legislation, court cases, economic news having something to do with LGBTQ issues we should expect the amount of news reported on WHQR to also mention LGBTQ.

Betty Griffin Feezor wrote on our Facebook page about Gina Gambony’s Communique story on the CARE Project, which is raising funds to work with deaf and hard-of-hearing youth:

I wish I could attend. What a wonderful cause. I grow frustrated with hearing loss onset in adulthood. I cannot imagine dealing with it in childhood -- fighting learning problems, isolation, struggling to understand what your own family says, and working extra fiercely to make yourself understood. Thanks for supporting this fine project.

Just curious: the name Betty Griffin Feezor rings a bell for me. I wonder if anyone recognizes the name Betty Feezor. For many years and 5,000 TV episodes, she was a popular television personality in the Charlotte market, on station WBTV, charming, pious, Southern as all get-out, specializing in recipes and other topics about running a home. And towards the end of her life, taking the TV cameras into her home as she bravely fought a losing battle with cancer. The book that was written about that Betty Feezor by Turner Cole Feezor was "A Life That Mattered." Not a bad epitaph.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can always leave a message via email to feedback@WHQR.org. Our Feedback Phone is 910-292-9477. And thanks for your feedback.