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Friday Feedback for September 2, 2016

A station underwriter, who shall remain nameless, sent us this: "…regarding the underwriting, it’s funny. We had to hire a marketing firm to help us and the first thing they did was cancel the agreement I had with Kate [Brandis] -saying it was a waste of money. So when Kate called me back and told me that, I of course instantly reinstated our agreement. (I think of everyone there as my friends for one and two I knew it was the audience I was after). Anyway, to make the story short, we get a LOT of calls from WHQR listeners, and I love pointing that out to [the marketeer]!"

Listener Raja wrote:

I had thought the classical station was at 96 something frequency. But looks like it is at 92.7? Wondering what happened? Was there an overlap with another station? Were you allowed more power at 92.7? Just wondering….[smiley face]

And listener Joan wrote:

… any chance we will be able to get classical music in our cars again any time soon--those of us in southern Brunswick county? And in our homes.

I wrote to Raja and to Joan that we began Classical HQR in 2014 on 96.7, but the power was limited to 99 watts. The 92.7 signal is stronger at 250 watts and has replaced it. We hope to sign on 96.7 again in the future, but if so it will be in a location serving southeast Brunswick County. We do not yet have a final agreement, but we will keep everyone posted on developments.

Raja wrote back:

I am delighted at the higher power of 92.7!! I have a stereo at the office with just a wire antenna, and if placed right, 92.7 gets pulled right in!!

Listener Ronald Cohen wrote:

If they can be obtained, Vocal Scene programs recorded by George Jellinek might be highly interesting and grow an audience for vocal music. [Also,] The overnight program is very welcome but for the sleepless we need more music possibly of a quieter sort and much much much less talk.

For Ronald and others, we'd recommend that you listen to Pat Marriott's program "The Human Voice", every Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock on 92.7 Classical HQR, and that will continue until the beginning of the Metropolitan Opera season in December.

Teddy and Bill Altreuter wrote:

We are fortunate to live in Carolina Shores, right on the two Carolinas’ borders. Here we listen to NPR on WHQR every day and, occasionally, to NPR WHMC from Myrtle Beach. The programs are often similar but occasionally different and we do pick and choose sometimes. We are great fans of the Diane Rehm Show which is not heard on WHMC. Another very interesting show we used to be able to get was on at 7 AM, Sunday mornings at WHMC. It was called called “On the Media”. For some reason this program was recently cancelled in favor of our least favorite show “The Splendid Table”. Who wants to listen to foodies go on and on about food at 7 AM on Sunday morning? “On the Media” is a most interesting program which WHQR has never carried at any hour. We wish you could find a spot for it.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can always leave a message via email to feedback@WHQR.org. Our Feedback Phone is 910-292-9477. And thanks for your feedback.