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Friday Feedback for April 29, 2016


What would I do without you? -- Anonymous

Listener Aimee wrote: “When I first heard WHQR pronounce Camp Lejeune as "Lejerne," I did some research to figure out why. I applaud the move to use the pronunciation that honors Lt. Gen. John Lejeune, for whom the base was named. When I heard the station announcing an event in Burgaw this morning, I thought I'd share that this is another place that is commonly mispronounced. Natives call the town BURgaw, with the first syllable stressed, as opposed to BurGAW, which stresses the second syllable. It's a small distinction, but when we moved here three years ago, one on which we were quickly schooled! My husband and I are station members and enjoy both stations. Thanks for all you do!”

I wrote to Aimee that I appreciate her efforts to make sure we do use local pronunciations. My experience has been that people are very particular about two pronunciations: where they live, and what their name is. Aimee later wrote back with some other questions: K-E-R-R Avenue in Wilmington, K-U-R-E Beach and R-A-C-I-N-E Drive.

The consensus here at the station is as follows: it may have bee Governor Kerr Scott, but in Wilmington it’s CAR Avenue, KYOO-ree Beach as opposed to the town of CURR-ee, and ruh-SEEN in Wisconsin but RAY-seen Drive here. Your mileage may vary. Thanks, Aimee.

Listener Julie wrote in response to the news that CoastLine is expanding to Thursdays:

I generally prefer The State of Things to Coastline so am disappointed that I will now miss The State of Things twice a week. Please consider moving Coastline to another hour or rebroadcasting The State of Things later in the day/evening as WUNC does.

Julie, good news for you — we are moving The State of Things to 1 pm, starting May 9, so you’ll hear it 5 days a week. Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie will move to Fridays at noon, and an hour of Here and Now will air at noon on Mondays and Tuesdays, with CoastLine on Wednesday and Thursday.

Here are some reactions from our Spring 2016 Listener Survey. Andrew wrote:

I very much agree with the comments during the Spring on-air fund drive -- it is time to retire Car Talk. Can I nominate Rick Steves for retirement, too. There must be other travel programming that's not so white-bread?

Listener R wrote:

I still can't receive WHQR 92.7 in Ocean Isle Beach so will not renew my membership.

Anonymous wrote:

Would like more opera music during regular program time on Classical HQR

Giles wrote:

I love all weekend programming.

Anonymous said simply:

What would I do without you?

In other news, Classical HQR is now on the air in Myrtle Beach! From Socastee to Conway to North Myrtle Beach and points in-between, our Grand Strand listeners can hear 24-hour Classical music on 102.3 FM. We’d love to hear from our Myrtle Beach listeners on how it sounds in your home and your car.

We'd love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can send an email message to feedback@whqr.org, or you can leave a call at 910-292-9477. And thanks for your Feedback.