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Friday Feedback for April 15, 2016

As charter members we are forever grateful for WHQR! -- Paul and Kaye Pope

Here at the station we’re still basking in the reception NPR’s Don Gonyea received from the 500 or so at our annual fundraising luncheon on Wednesday. Here’s a comment we got from listener JC: “I’m amazed at the great support the WHQR team has built in a relatively small market like Wilmington. This crowd rivaled any I’ve experience in [my former home town] which has a rich public radio tradition and a population base over 4 times greater Wilmington’s. I enjoyed Don Gonyea’s unique perspective on this election cycle. Being a political junkie and having been bombarded by endless (and seemingly worthless) punditry, Mr. Gonyea’s observations were refreshing. Appreciate all you do for local public radio and our community.”

Listener Alan wrote:

Sadly we don't hear Friday Feedback since WHQR split its Classical Music and Talk programming. Maybe that is something you might consider in the future - reintroducing the program to 92.7; after all, classical music fans are just as interested in the station's issues.

I wrote to Alan that it’s an interesting idea. With the exception of NPR newscasts on weekday mornings, we’re reluctant to pre-empt any classical music. And listeners can always find Friday Feedback – text and audio -- on our website each Friday morning. Thanks, Alan.

Speaking of 92.7, once again we’ll remind classical listeners that 96.7 will sign off next Wednesday, April 20th, at 1 pm. Please change all your radio presets to 92.7 before then. Let’s see how many surprised Friday Feedbacks we get about that on Wednesday and Thursday.

Other brief comments: Eric Vandegrift from Southport wrote:

There’s nothing I would rather listen to than 91.3 on my ride to class at UNCW. Keep up the great work.

Listener Tracy wrote:

love the BBC News Hour in the mornings and Smooth Landings on my way home from work.

James Campbell of Southport wrote:

Well done with the news /classical split. That's what made me listen much more and decide to donate (I used to donate to WUNC when I lived in the Triangle).

Logan wrote:

Science Friday rocks!

Paul and Kaye Pope of Whiteville wrote:

As charter members we are forever grateful for WHQR!

Sandy in Bolivia wrote:

We moved to NC in September 2015 and we’re delighted to find your station. I especially appreciate the balanced viewpoints you promote.

Vincent Moritz wrote:

Moved to Wilmington from Amsterdam and WHQR has been my beacon of worldly sanity amidst the noise of US media.

Shelley wrote:

Thanks for helping me stay connected to what is important.

Katie Morgan wrote:

I begin at least one conversation a day with "Today I heard on NPR...". Keep up the great programs!

We'd love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can send an email message to feedback@whqr.org, or you can leave a call at 910-292-9477. And thanks for your Feedback.