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Friday Feedback for January 8, 2016

Somasundaram rino via Wikimedia Commons
As an NPR affiliate near Camp Lejeune WHQR should bring this up. -- Kyle, USMC

Happy New Year to all our listeners! We hope you had a wonderful holiday and we look forward to bringing you great radio in 2016. Just like the old Mickey Mouse Club, we have different days here on Friday Feedback, and today, Mouseketeers, is another Gripe Day!

Listener Jack called in during Wednesday’s Coastline to ask that our guests not use the word “suck” as a term of disapproval. He felt it cheapens our language to use it as a word for something ugly, and suggest the guests use “stink” instead.

Listener Bill wrote:

Please, please, PLEASE stop recycling that report on New Year's resolutions already! It's January 6th, and I've heard that same report two to four times every day for the past week. We get it. Move on. Surely there's something else to report by now. Please!

Listener Nicole wrote:

Hello, I love your news and classical stations! I have heard several announcements recently about the movie Room airing at Thalian Hall, and I wasn't sure whether you were aware that the synopsis often given by the announcer/dj basically gives away the ending. I thought much of the impact the book had was the tension involved in not knowing that ending. Thank you for reading and thank you for your wonderful programming!

Thanks, Nicole. The material you heard was supplied by the film’s marketers, perhaps as a counter to its overall dark theme, but it’s something we’ll weigh.

Here’s a message we received on New Year’s Eve:


Hey. I was looking at your schedule on-line for today, and was wondering why you’re not having the Capitol Steps on. I thought you always did that on New Year’s Eve and, anyway, just disappointed that you’re not carrying it this year. Just wondered why. Thank you.

Listener Kyle, who is in the Marine Corps, sent us this over the holidays:

I was listening to the Diane Rehm Show four or five weeks ago when I heard something terribly offensive. She was interviewing John Gresham and a call came in at the end of the interview after the discussion had turned to militant police departments. The caller stated that members of the military should not be allowed to join any police department because people with military service are prone to violence. I understand that the caller made the claim; however the outrage from Diane and John Gresham comes from not only their lack of opposition to it, which was none, but their acceptance to it. I personally deal with my Marines' personal issues as well as hear about veterans issues around the country and find this incredibly hurtful to veterans causes. Veterans face an uphill battle as it is without an NPR host, that is syndicated nation wide, play against them. I emailed the Diane Rehm Show that afternoon but never heard back, not even an email from a low level staffer. NPR should not apologize to me, but talk about this topic on air to bring attention to it. PTSD does not mean that the person afflicted with it will attack anyone or that they are violent in any way. Unfortunately some people do but they are the exception, not they rule. As an NPR affiliate near Camp Lejeune WHQR should bring this up. The fact Diane Rehm let this go without comment is deplorable. As a Marine I feel that I at least deserve some sort of response.

I replied to Kyle and got a nice note back from him.

We'd love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can send an email message to feedback-at-whqr-dot-org, or you can leave a call at 910-292-9477. Have a Happy New Year!. And thanks for your Feedback.