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Friday Feedback for Christmas Day, 2015

Now I can proudly wear my long-sleeved shirt displaying both 91.3 and 96.7. -- Norman Sprinthall

I’m Cleve Callison, Station Manager of WHQR, here with a special holiday edition of Friday Feedback.

[AUDIO CLIP: Feedback from “I Feel Fine”]

Today’s Christmas Day edition of Friday Feedback consists of a single letter. This actually arrived in the mail – yes, the snail mail – earlier this week, and its from Norman Sprinthall in Caswell Beach. He writes:

“All is forgiven” When you added the all day classical I was, to quote a phrase, “Bewitched, bothered” + you know the rest. Part of the problem was that you had me on an intermittent rewards schedule. On my expensive radio (nameless but begins with a “B”) there was only static On my old Ford Ranger truck I could hear your great classical music as I drove around Oak Island, but only on certain streets and then static again. Imagine listening to the last movement of the 9th as the choir comes on, a few notes

[AUDIO CLIP: “Ode to Joy”]

then a big buzz, or Vivaldi Seasons reduced to one.

[AUDIO CLIP: “Spring”]

In frustration I called the station and asked to have you boost the power. I was very politely informed I needed new equipment. After finding no help from one of our country’s largest stores, I did get help from a big electronics store near Starbucks off College Rd. I left with instructions and a somewhat puzzline small box. Problem solved, not quite. Lnside was a cigarette-sized unit, some ear phones + a plug. Suddenly I saw myself as an aged teenager roaming out beach, moving with the music.

[AUDIO CLIP: “I Get Around”]

What a solution! Then my clever spouse had just purchased a Polaroid external speaker and the plug fit. The rest as they say is history. HQR in both phases lives. Now I can proudly wear my long-sleeved shirt displaying both 91.3 and 96.7. The tape has been removed from the second set of digits for all to see, both versions of a great radio station.

And that comes from Sprinthall in Caswell Beach, who adds a:

P.S. Excuse my penmanship. I was the last kid in Miss Carty’s 4th grade to get ink in 1940.

And that’s today’s Christmas Edition of Friday Feedback. We’ll come back with more Friday Feedback in the next year, and we hope you can be part of it. You can send an email message to feedback-at-whqr-dot-org, or you can leave a call at 910-292-9477. Have a happy holiday, and thanks for your Feedback.