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Friday Feedback for November 6, 2015


I moved from New York and was so happy to find public radio to listen to! -- Lorraine

Hunter Hatcher wrote:

I just wanted to tell you guys how much WHQR means to me. You guys have become a part of my life since I started listening 2 years ago. It makes me so happy, every day that I listen, knowing that there is a news source out there that cares about my (and my neighbors) well-being and knowledge. I would also like to send appreciation to all of the financial supporters to WHQR who make it possible for a broke college student like me to get solid, unbiased news. Forever indebted to you!

Listener Suzie sent us a Facebook message yesterday morning:

Ouch! I love you WHQR but "findable", really? At 6:30 am that was an assault to ears and brains. Sure that "word" is findable, but even autocorrect wanted me to think twice before using it. Maybe next time you could consider "details are available at WHQR.org" or "details can be found at..." Thanks.

Well, to each her own. “Findable” seems like a valid alternative to “searchable” when talking about scans of web pages. It’s listed in major dictionaries. A Google search turned up over 400,000 instances, including publications such as Shakespeare’s Sonnets Re-Done and The American Journal of Public Health. We’ll put it in the hopper for the next Pet Peeves edition of CoastLine.

Norma Norwood wrote:

Today on the morning 96.7 Classical station with Gina Gamboni I heard "The Low" Symphony by Phillip Glass. It is a most outstanding piece of music. Thank you for sharing this today. Would it be possible to hear more of Phillip Glass' works and other contemporary artists? Thank you so much.

Here are some more comments from our Fall drive:

Roy Bussewitz wrote:

I suggest that you send an email/letter to ALL 1,050 contributors requesting ALL of them to convert to becoming [Sustaining] Members, which would result in less air time use for fund raising. I have found being a [Sustaining] Member to be time saving and very convenient for me... it's really a no brainer for your contributing listeners. Thanks for considering this idea.

Lorraine Sylvester of Southport said:

I moved from New York and was so happy to find public radio to listen to!

Henry McCarthy said:

This is the only radio station that I can leave on for a long time and not have to change channels because you don't have really god awful commercials, and for that I will always appreciate you.

Greg and Evie Nicklas said:

A year ago, we made a pledge on behalf of our then-one-week-old daughter, Charlotte. A year later, she is running all over the house, exploring the world, and still listening to NPR with her mom and dad.

Anne Fogleman of Chapel Hill said:

We rely on WHQR when we are at Topsail.

Katherine Duckworth of Sunset Beach said:

My Australian shepherd JoJo listens to the station while I’m out and I tell him to let me know what's happened in the news.

Elizabeth Cosper of Leland said:

My radio won't change stations, so I'm glad it was on WHQR when it got stuck.

Listener Laura McCabe wrote on Wednesday:

Thank you for the civil, pleasant Coastlline program which aired on Wednesday, November 4th. It was refreshing to hear New Hanover County Republican Chairman Michael Franklin and his Democratic Party counterpart Elizabeth Redenbaugh politely and respectfully discuss the election results with each other and moderator Rachel Lewis Hilburn.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can always leave a message via email to feedback@WHQR.org. Our Feedback Phone is 910-292-9477. And thanks for your feedback.