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Friday Feedback
Prologue is WHQR's monthly book discussion, hosted by Ben Steelman of the Star News. Takes place on the second Monday of the month, at 7pm. Prologue is currently hosted via Zoom Webinar.

Friday Feedback for October 30, 2015


For those of you who are WHQR listeners and who are not Martians [blue], you know that we concluded our Fall 2015 drive this week. It was a success, going about $4,000 over our $140,000 goal, and ending on time. Here’s one of my favorite Feedbacks, from Kimberly Cook in Wilmington:

I love the station. It makes me feel like I’m part of this wonderful community.

Now for a couple of negative comments. John Sheehan said:

Do away with on-air pledge drives!

And at least one other listener wondered why we didn’t do another Stealth Drive, as we did in the summer. It’s a fair question. We did consider doing that, but since it took three weeks of the Stealth Drive to raise a much smaller amount, we thought a traditional week-long campaign would work best. And it allowed us to spotlight local non-profits in our Partnership Challenge. (Which, by the way, had three winners: Bald Head Island Conservancy, Friends School of Wilmington, and Cape Fear Housing Authority – congratulations to all).

The station makes a big difference in my life. -- Clyde Edgerton

Another good question came late in the drive, after we had hit the goal at 5:20 pm. A couple of listeners wondered why we didn’t stop at that point rather than pushing on to 7 pm. As we announced many times during the drive, we planned all along to stop at 7 pm on the day we hit the goal. Let’s face it, we know that fund drives are not everyone’s cup of tea. But we think our committed listeners know that we must raise over 50 per cent of our budget through them, and the more successful these drives are, the better WHQR is. I never like to tell listeners to turn off the radio, but if the drive does bother you, that’s probably the best course for a few hours – after you’ve made your pledge, of course!

Here are some more comments from the drive. Richard Berg of Castle Hayne said:

Love the news station. Best move you folks made.

William Spellman of Southport said:

You need to improve your classical signal.

We’re definitely aware of that and are actively working on it.

Linda Hutchison of Wilmington said:

I love the separate stations. Talk when I want. Music when I want.

William and Dorothy Holt said:

We've been members of WHQR ever since we came to Wilmington. Public radio is invaluable; WHQR gives us substance.

Paul Devereaux of Kure Beach said:

A pet peeve I mention every year: All say '0' instead of zero. [There’s one person] who says zero and I love her.

Scott and Diana Corbett said:

Best Station in NC!

George Clarke said:

When doing your internet only fund raising event, please provide a phone number to call as well for those of us who don't do the internet!!

We do provide the phone number during hours when we have phone answerers here, but we don’t want people to call if no one answers.

Jim Downey said:

… best public radio station on the east coast.

Clyde Edgerton said:

The station makes a big difference in my life. There’s a common-sense approach to everything.

Pamela Waite said:

I've recently moved to Wilmington from Cambridge, MA and I am very impressed by the quality of the content of your local news. I am also especially appreciative of your monthly sponsorship of 'Prologue'; Ben Steelman is a cultural gem.

Lorraine Sylvester of Southport said:

I moved from New York and was so happy to find public radio to listen to!

Lawrence Frankel said:

The news is accurate, balanced and least biased. Thanks for all you do!
Hooray for Pat!

Finally, a Halloween basket of thanks to our great friend, donor and volunteer Pat Marriott, whose extraordinary offer to match EVERY pledge for a full hour last Friday led to a total of nearly $20,000. That was an unbelievable hour. Thank you, Pat.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can always leave a message via email to feedback@WHQR.org. Our Feedback Phone is 910-292-9477. And thanks for your feedback.