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Friday Feedback for June 19, 2015


Let us not burden the listener with irrelevant associations. -- Roger

Listener John wrote:

I have heard a couple of NPR segments lately devoted to music theory but only with examples from pop music or blues. However, I don't recall similar theoretical analyses of classical music, which in general is more complex. If NPR wants to explain music theory it should devote at least as much attention to classical music genres.

Listener Roger wrote to us on Saturday morning:

Again, I request that your announcers give us the music and let us get on with it. It is unnecessary that this morning's rather lackluster rendition of Invitation to the Dance by the Cleveland [Orchestra] and George Szell be burdened with the announcer's nostalgic recollection of the beginning of her radio career -- when pterodactyls flew over Los Angeles in 1984 -- and she hosted a program of dance music. Let us not burden the listener with irrelevant associations.

The Rev. Paul Stallsworth of Whiteville wrote:

Thank you for reporting on the 2015 Session of the North Carolina Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. . . Last Saturday. . . I heard WHQR's brief report on the resolutions the conference had considered. Unfortunately, your report . . failed to mention that, late on Friday afternoon, the . . . Conference also passed two resolutions related to human life and abortion. The resolution … which petitions the 2016 General Conference to amend official United Methodist teaching on abortion to be more protective of the unborn child -- was approved by a wide margin. In addition, the [resolution] … which petitions General Conference to withdraw the General Board of Church and Society and the United Methodist Women from the pro-abortion political lobby RCRC -- was adopted overwhelmingly.

To clarify, we did not cover this conference ourselves. Our reporting was based on and credited to material from the StarNews, which did not mention those resolutions.

Listener Chrissy wrote:

I love listening to Friday Feedback on @whqr. People's opinions about public radio are the best/worst.

Thanks, Chrissy. As you know, Friday Feedback and other elements we produce are not just on the radio – they are on the web and some, such as CoastLine, are available as podcasts also. One big difference is that we can easily measure the impact of certain stories by how often they are seen, Liked or Shared. As with most media organizations, our audience’s attention has been riveted on the emotional story of the shark bites at Oak Island this week. Rachel Lewis Hilburn was heard on NPR with the story. And two stories that we posted on Facebook got what for us are really astonishing levels of interest. One was seen by over 66-hundred people and Shared 53 times. Another was seen by over 11-thousand people and Shared 111 times.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can always leave a message via email to feedback@WHQR.org. Our Feedback Phone is 910-292-9477. And thanks for your feedback.