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Friday Feedback

Friday Feedback for May 15, 2015


Listener bicyclestreet wrote:

Hello. Please stop your radio hosts from reading the national and world news topics that be will covered in the upcoming NPR programs. It’s too redundant. Many times the national news hosts already preview the upcoming story. It does not give our own news people more clout - it just sounds weird. I turn the radio off when I hear the Wilmington staff do this.

This is a matter we have discussed internally. We believe that most listeners appreciate brief reminders of things to come. However, we have reviewed our practices with an eye to eliminating mentions that are too repetitive of something that’s just been mentioned.

Anonymous wrote:

I was recently part of one of the midday interviews and I always enjoy spending time with Gina. She, I believe is a vital part of this community and her show is one of my favorites. Her passion gives the guest she brings in for the interview a sense of comfort, yes, but also excitement before they go on. My problem is the time. It seems there's just not enough time to talk about the things that are important… I’m curious why Gina isn’t given more time. She knows her subjects and the guests obviously have more to say on these subject. 7 minutes is really quick. I remember back in the day, the interviews were 15 minutes, maybe longer. I'm just wondering if there might be a chance to extend the midday interviews. I enjoy listening to the folks on the interviews and with more time, it gives the community more time to get excited about an upcoming project. I have been a listener for a long time and this year, finally I had a little cash to become a donor. It's a wonderful radio station and I just wish there was a little more time to hear about these events that are coming up and hearing from the folks that are putting them together. Just a wish.


This is Danielle LaBorde and I'm calling because I heard this piece on the risk of Alzheimer's about 10 times in the past 2 days and I just wish you would have more original local news. Also the other thing that’s very annoying is to wake up and have the cultural calendar, whatever, being presented with some annoying background music… Sounds like The Outer Limits… I just had to call because it’s getting ridiculous. Thank you.

Here’s more from our Spring 2015 listener survey:

Angie wrote:

Would you consider moving Sunday Baroque back to a Sunday afternoon time slot -- or perhaps in the evening. We're faithful listeners of Weekend Edition & so we never get to hear Sunday Baroque. Maybe Sunday Baroque could be repeated on Sundays? Also I'd love for you to bring back Performance Today in the evenings during the week-- I really miss it! Especially the Piano Puzzler! I guess we must be the only people who enjoyed Fred Child and PT-- I never hear it mentioned to be brought back. I hope someday there will be new/better local classical music programming --- focusing on local & regional talent --- a 'Soup to Nuts' for classical music.

For Angie and others, our recent concert with the Williston Alumni Choir was a step toward the kind of programming you mention. We hope to have some news on that subject to announce soon.

Richard wrote:

Why can't jazz be on during day (when I don't listen) and Fresh Air on evenings (perhaps on some weekdays evenings, when I do)? I don't like jazz at all. You went from nearly none to 10+hrs/week! Does each day have to be the same during the week? … Weekend programming is fine. Overall, keep up the good work, however! A devoted listener and supporter (for 25yrs)

S.A. wrote:

Used to listen to Car Talk all the time but now it's a bit weird knowing one host is gone. Did listen to a few programs but just can't quite deal with it now.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can always leave a message via email to feedback@WHQR.org. Our Feedback Phone is 910-292-9477. And thanks for your feedback.