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Friday Feedback for November 21, 2014

Richard Howard
Call me up when Tom is up for canonization. -- Dan in Santa Fe

This edition of Friday Feedback is a little different. I’m actually away at a professional conference this week, so this was recorded early in the week, before many comments typically come in. Still, we’ve had some interesting messages with web pledges recently.

Daniella Murray wrote:

Clear, interesting, and local-I love our NPR station!

Joe Wheeler wrote on his pledge:

In memory of Tom Magliozzi.

As you no doubt have hear, Tom Magliozzi of Car Talk passed away a couple of weeks ago. In addition to Joe’s comment, here are some that NPR sent us from listeners around the country:

Dorothy Mahoney from Hastings on Hudson, NY wrote:

I thought I would share a truly poignant moment I experienced with my husband, who has early onset, but fairly progressed Alzheimers. (I did not realize that your brother had this diagnosis as well.) I was driving and we were listening to your show a few months ago. It had been quite some time since Bob and I had been able to share real communication, let alone humor, together. But you guys really nailed it, and Bob and I looked at each other and burst out laughing--he really got it! It was a touching moment for me, and then I inattentively crashed into the car in front of me! You know what? It was worth it! Thank you for the laughter.

Karen Boeder, Seabrook, TX:

His laughter should be archived as one of the most joyous sounds on the planet.

Bill Stouffer wrote:

In 51 years, I have never shed a tear at the loss of a celebrity. But this news actually made me cry. Tom and Ray were more than a voice on the radio, they were a part of our family every Saturday. All three of my children grew up listening to Car Talk, and laughing at the lousy advice. I pray for Ray and Tom's families, and am grateful to have been part of the audience.

Steve Lipman Foster City, CA wrote:

These guys could have been reading the phone book and I'd still tune in. It's a tribute to them, especially because I am really not that interested in vehicle repair. But the show was so much more than that. He gave me so much to laugh about!

Al Hirschhorn, Hopewell Junction NY:

Two of the quickest comedic brains in broadcasting. Inventive, current, wise, and intelligent. You gentlemen are like family. The many years I've spent laughing aloud in the car I noticed that other drivers must have been listening to you as well since our laughing was coordinated. I hope the folks at NPR continue to broadcast your incomparable program. God Bless!

Dan in Santa Fe wrote:

I think Tom interceded on my behalf… Today the brake lights in my ‘92 Volvo wagon suddenly and miraculously worked. Been trying to diagnose for over a week. This happened immediately before I heard the sad news. Call me up when Tom is up for canonization, I'll tell them he miracled me out of a lot of hassle and maybe even a ticket.

Jill, Wallingford, CT:

Tom, you brought me so much joy and laughter on your radio show. You and Ray were also wonderful teachers on the radio. I know nothing about cars, but when I was responsible for my very own, you and Ray helped me figure out what to listen to and how to communicate it to the person who could fix the problem. As a young woman with a car, you gave me the confidence to deal with others in the car world. You have always been like family to me. You were the crazy, yet helpful uncle that was able to give you that advice that nobody else could give. You have made me a better person, and I will always be grateful for that. I wish you peace and am sending all my love to your family. Thank you for always being there for me. May NPR forever play your show's reruns so you will always be there for other young drivers! Love for you always.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can always leave a message via email to feedback@WHQR.org. Our Feedback Phone is 910-292-9477. And thanks for your feedback.