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Friday Feedback for October 10, 2014

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We continue to get a wide range of comments on the new HQR News and Classical HQR, as we get ready for an all-important fundraising campaign starting next week. And we have some good news for listeners having problems listening to Classical HQR on 96.7. I’ll get to that shortly, but for now let’s dig right in to our correspondence.

Listener Maryanne wrote:

Well, you did it. You removed the last bastion of civility in this area by eliminating classical music in the outlying areas of Wilmington. Sirius cancelled Sirius Pops, and now we, who thrive on the arts, are left with nothing. It was one thing when WHQR went from all day to half day, but now you leave us void of good music. I hope you realize that when it comes time for a pledge drive, we non-Wilmingtonians will remember the vast wasteland you’ve created.

I wrote back to Maryanne with some suggestions for getting the signal. I really hope we can welcome her and her husband as new members of WHQR one day.

Listener Betty made a generous contribution and wrote this note:

I love the new programming!! We live in Chapel Hill but have a home in Wrightsville. I am so glad you've switched from music to interesting and informative talk shows. I love it all and listen to you every time I'm here now. I would not have made a contribution before.

Thank you, Betty.

My name is Al. I enjoy your new setup very much. Luckily, we're inside the city of Wilmington and we get the new classical station perfectly, and it sits very nice, the whole setup. This is just a suggestion that you return to Performance Today, perhaps on the classical music station in the evenings. Otherwise, keep up the good work. Thank you.

Listener Bob wrote:

You have changed your station to constant jabbering and the new classical station’s signal is so weak that I cannot receive it on Peachtree Avenue. My previously wonderful office environment has been ruined…

This is Jeanie Edens on Oak Island. I miss Jemila and George and my sacred music on Sunday morning… Bob Workmon told me about a wonderful little radio that will get our music back called an HD FM radio. Call WHQR, they can explain to you all about it, and then you'll be back on the music routine, and I know you'll be blessed.

And that’s my cue for the good news I referred to earlier: thanks to the generosity of some great public-spirited donors, WHQR has created the HD Radio Pay It Forward Fund. Through the fund, we are able to provide an FM/HD radio AT NO CHARGE to 25 or more WHQR members having trouble receiving 96.7 FM.

HD radios receive ordinary FM signals as well as the special HD signal that will enable you to hear Classical HQR. The normal list price of this radio is $51.99, and there’s only one vendor.

The number of members selected for a free HD Radio will be determined by the number of applications we receive, and by the amount of money remaining in the Fund. If you don’t like it, send it back. If you do like it, consider making a contribution to the fund so that others can enjoy 24-hour classical music. That’s why we call it Pay It Forward. Thanks to Cape Fear Book Company and to Julia's Florist for partnering with us to set up the HD Radio Pay It Forward fund. Discover how you can register at whqr.org.

Support public radio with your pledge now through the end of the drive! Just click on the Support icon at the upper right of this page.
We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can always leave a message via email to feedback@WHQR.org. Our Feedback Phone is 910-292-9477. And thanks for your feedback.