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Friday Feedback for March 14, 2014

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WHQR is essential to the community and society in general. -- Rick

Last week’s Fresh Voices commentary by New Hanover High School student Patrick Peoples drew some reaction. Mary B wrote:

Terrific commentary - thank you for sharing your memories and challenges.

Walter James Duke wrote:

[I] wanted to express my appreciation to Mr. Peoples for sharing this and to thank WHQR for having the courage to allow Patrick's thoughtful and touching commentary on what is a often a very sensitive topic in our community. Thank you!

Jessica Goode wrote about last week's Soup To Nuts Live! show with the Mac & Juice Quartet:

What an amazing performance! [I] Had no idea of this band's depth and talent. I've seen 20+ Soup shows, and this was easily the finest. WHQR, you hit this one out of the park!

Bill Sisson wrote:

WHQR does a good job of balancing the programing needs of its listening community. I am particularly partial to the news programs. As part of the news WHQR usually gives a weather forecast along with current weather conditions. I would suggest that the station include both wind chill and heat index information with the forecast. It is more useful to know what the temperature means in terms of what it feels like outside than it is simply to know the temperature. Keep up the good work.

We’re starting to see results come in from our Spring 2014 Survey. I always learn something from the responses. Here’s a small sample:

Delores said:

I enjoy classical music and want to hear more.

Tracy said:

I love public radio and WHQR, but it should have more news and less classical music. The classicla music shows are fine, I just think that since there is a place specifically for that (the digital all classical channel) that WHQR shoudl focud on news more throughout the day. There are already too many conservative talkers on the local airways and WHQR is our only balance to that!

Larry said:

So often I find myself starting a conversation with, "I hear on WHQR/NPR that..." that I decided to start a coin jar like Cleve has during the pledge drives. Every time I say that phrase I put a quarter in the jar for my next donation.

Kevin said:

I don't know if a local version of Talk of the Nation would be practical (or safe, given how high emotions run on many local issues) but I think it would be a good addition to our community.

Anonymous said:

Please don't go "short" on the hourly news. I cringe when you only do three minutes. I feel that I’m missing out on something. When I can, I go to a Radio East station to catch what I'm missing. I do not see how two minutes an hour can be disruptive to your programming.

Nancy said:

[The] Volume is low, I need to adjust my volume in the car whenever I go to WHQR.

John said:

classical music on [the] main channel seems to have been forgotten. [I'm] listening to streaming WDAV more often than WHQR.

Sean said:

Too much classical..Need to add more music variety in the day time.

Roland said:

I wish I did not live in a public radio wasteland. I can not pick up your station over the air but live on the outer fringes of three others.

Rick said:

We truly enjoy most of the programming. WHQR is essential to the community and society in general.

Just a few early responses to our 2014 Survey. We want to hear from you. You may get one in the mail if we have your address, but you can expand your answers by filling it out online. Go to WHQR.org for the link.