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Friday Feedback

Friday Feedback for February 22, 2013


Listener John wrote:

O.K. I've searched your Website for "transmitters" and "broadcast frequency" with no hits; can't find related page. Where on the your Site do you list all the various transmission frequencies you announce on air? I don't retain them as they whiz though my ears. E.g., Myrtle Beach, Wallace, Jacksonville, etc. P.S. I like Classical Music in the morning. We don't need more "talking heads" that time of day.

John makes a good point about our information on translators. We'll see if there's a convenient and accessible place we can put that information on our website.

Gwenyfar Rohler’s commentary last week for Valentine’s Day truly struck a nerve with at least two people, Regina and Bob, each of whom posted notes on our website. Regina wrote:

WOW!!! Thank you Gwenyfar… I was wondering who would be the poet you would name, and was blown away by your choice of Paul Simon. My husband and I [have been] married almost 18 years ... We came with children, baggage, and all of the other emotional "stuff" that comes with being older, blending families, caring for aging parents, losing loved ones, losing our financial shirts, welcoming new life, expanding families, etc...the things that make life memorable. You hit a home run with your piece. I needed to hear that this morning.

Bob in turn wrote:

Your insight and courage to tell it "like it really is" has reminded me of my most precious possession, the love of my sweet wife, who has always (and will always) stand by me, as I resolutely stand by her, whatever comes.

And Rick Olsen wrote:

Wonderful message. I heard someone define love as something like "giving someone what they need the most even when they deserve it the least." I always to challenge myself to check my selfish interests and expectations at the door. Great Valentine's Day message even if it is counter cultural!

As you may have heard, we are collecting applications from nonprofit groups in the area who want to participate in our Spring fund drive Partnership Challenge, March 20 through 26. Groups selected will answer phones for three hours during the drive and compete for underwriting contracts on WHQR. Here’s what one group had to say about WHQR’s community involvement:

We are very grateful for the opportunity to partner with WHQR whenever we can. The support from your station over years has been a true asset to our efforts to secure volunteer advocate and enhance public awareness on behalf of our local, vulnerable children. We have had a good number of volunteers come to us after hearing about Guardian ad Litem on WHQR. The children of our community are the better for it. Many thanks.

That’s from Liz Kachris-Jones, administrator of the North Carolina Fifth District Guardian ad Litem program. For more information on signing up your group for our Partnership Challenge, go to whqr-dot-or-slash-challenge.

And finally, a repeat of a request from last week. WHQR is working on a project that we hope will inform and educate the community about the issues surrounding the proposed Titan Cement plant for our area. We see this as fulfillment of our mission statement. We have no agenda here, and we take no sides. Our interest is solely in examining the topic with the insight and in-depth coverage people expect from public radio, and letting you the listeners make up your own minds. If you can speak knowledgeably about Titan, especially if you support Titan, please email whqr@whqr.org.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback, for your questions and comments, likes and dislikes about any aspect of the station. You can also send us feedback by filling out a Comment below, by sending us an email message or by calling our Feedback line: 910-292-WHQR (9477). And thanks for your feedback.