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Friday Feedback

Friday Feedback for December 14, 2012



Anonymous wrote:

How many times on how many days are you going to rehash the Wilmington Ten story? Enough already.

and later added:

[I'm] a long-time listener and fan of WHQR. But while we're at it, I have another nit-picking concern. I listen almost every night to the BBC World News and cringe when I hear, for the umpteenth time, the blurb on the hour every hour … stating that WHQR is proud to carry the BBC, etc. If this is supposed to sound fresh and spontaneous, it doesn't.

Listener Robert texted us:

Glad you’re back, George,

referring of course to George Scheibner. We too are glad that George has returned from medical leave fit and ready to slide back in. He’s returned to hosting our Midday Café and Smooth Landings, plus many hours of behind-the-scenes work. As we work through the holiday season, you’ll be hearing a number of other voices filling in on various shifts, including our newest, Jennifer Montague, along with Asia Brown, Rachel Lewis Hilburn, yours truly and others.

Cindy Retchin wrote:

Please stop referring to Social Security and Medicare benefits as "entitlements". This is feeding the public perception that these are handouts, which could not be further from the truth. After paying in over 15% of my wages for the past 30 years, I look forward to finally receiving the benefit that I paid into. I am not donating this year because your station continues to use this term.

We had a number of comments on our recent Titan Cement stories on Morning Edition and All Things Considered. A couple of weeks ago we heard about a recent report skeptical about the supposed economic benefits of the facility and raising concerns about negative community impacts. This week it was Titan’s turn to speak in its favor. You can read the comments on our website – just search for the term “Titan”

Listener Michael wrote:

You seem have several contributors that like the "Wasted hour" (Diane Rehm show), and it seems you will likely persist in carrying it. Therefore I believe you need my money even less, and I have taken this opportunity of having to resubmit my contribution to lower it further.

And of course we thank everyone who contacted us yesterday during our 1-day end of year drive. Many people expressed appreciation for our partnership with Good Shepherd Center and Whole Foods Market. Donna Giles, for example, said:

Another great reason to contribute to my favorite radio station.

Claudia Smith said:

I wish Science Friday and Talk of the Nation lasted two hours.

Maggie Parish said:

I had my TV disconnected so that I can listen to the quality programming.

Kimberly Cook said:

WHQR is a way of life.

Donna King said:

I would like to hear even more local news coverage. I enjoyed the coverage of the stadium vote and the elections.

Michael Janssen wrote:

It is important to have somebody broadcasting real news.

Wanda Farmer said:

My husband Carl and I love all the classical music, but would also LOVE to hear more jazz during the day and not always so late!

Mimi Caplan said:

You are still there and still wonderful.

Sally Sullivan said:

I am away from home and public radio makes me feel like I am at home.

Thanks to everyone who made a pledge to WHQR on our one-day drive, and helped Good Shepherd Center receive food from Whole Foods Market.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback, for your questions and comments, likes and dislikes about any aspect of the station. Please fill out our Listener Survey. You can also send us feedback by filling out a Comment below, by sending us an email message or by calling our Feedback line: 910-292-WHQR (9477). And thanks for your feedback.