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Friday Feedback

Friday Feedback for November 9, 2012


Barbara and Patrick Raynor were winners of a Bald Head Island vacation weekend in an on-air pledge drive. They recently sent us a photo and this message:

Imagine our surprise at finding “Jaws” on the shore. Unfortunately this shark had become ensnared in a fishing net the day before along with several other sharks. The sharks were freed from the net but this one did not survive. We enjoyed every minute of our first time stay on Bald Head Island. This is just another instance of my life being enriched by being a loyal listener of WHQR. . . Thank you to all of you at WHQR and Bald Head Island!

You can see the Raynors’ picture with the late Jaws here.

We got notice over last weekend of some problems in our presentation of various shows. A couple of problems originated with our various networks, but one of them was of our making. Programs affected were This American Life on Saturday, and All Things Considered and Intelligence Squared on Sunday. Since Intelligence Squared was missing its final segment and thus the announcement of the winner, we will repeat last week’s program this Sunday evening at 6. Thank you, folks, for letting us know.

Several postings on our website commented favorably on Sara Woods’ story this week about James Tramble casting his first ballot at age 65, and the work of the Cape Fear Literacy Council to help him. Barbara Hajek, a member of the Advisory Council, wrote:

Congratulations, Mr. Tramble!!!! And Ms. Webb -- what a team and what a Victory! Keep up the really, really, GOOD work.

Margee wrote:

It was an All Things Considered kind of perspective that reminded me what a privilege it is to vote. Thank you, Sara, for seeking out what was certainly a moving and poignant perspective in a brow beating political season.

We’re trying to get as many listeners as possible to fill out our Fall Listener Survey. Here are some comments from the survey.

Under “what you like best”, Grace said:

Fair reporting.

Lou said:

the perspective. The programming covers local, regional, national, global scales of information.

Gina said:

I love hearing local people and local issues. I love hearing in-depth news from NPR. It's wonderful to hear a mix of music (except those damn pipes… I love intelligent, humorous programming. What a treat to listen to stories being read.

Now for what you like least. Robert said:

I could do without that British stuff at midnight.

Jerry said:

Metropolitan Opera.

Patricia said:

I find the actual pledge drives entertaining, and would rather listen to them for two weeks than have 4-6 weeks of lead-in to a one-week drive.

Mary Virginia, who listens from Raleigh, wrote: 

As a listener, I don't expect to love every single program or minute of programming, and I am not going to complain about that. Overall, it is my go-to radio station and I think you all do a wonderful job and I know you work so hard at it.

Finally, some "Other" comments from the Listener survey. George wrote:

This radio station is one of the best reasons to live here.

Roland wrote:

I live in a public radio wasteland. I listen to you on the web at work, a SC public radio station in the car and various all classical stations at home.

Anonymous wrote:

As always, you remain essential to civilized life in the community. But the drift away from classical music and serious news makes it harder to be as enthusiastic as in the past.

Richard wrote:

It's a gem. Keep up the good work.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback, for your questions and comments, likes and dislikes about any aspect of the station. Please fill out our Listener Survey. You can also send us feedback by filling out a Comment below, by sending us an email message or by calling our Feedback line: 910-292-WHQR (9477). And thanks for your feedback.