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Friday Feedback

Friday Feedback for October 26, 2012



Listener omenseeker left this comment on our website:

i love everything about whqr. i can always rely on you to deliver the news without any bias, which is almost impossible to find nowadays. the music is first-rate, click and clack never fail to amuse and will shorts puzzler on sundays are a must! i also enjoy cleve callison's listener's feedback on fridays. keep up the good work by keeping us plugged into the world.

WHQR is now collecting information in our Fall 2012 Listener Survey. We’ll give away a Smooth Landings guest DJ spot to one respondent selected at random. You can help us out by filling it out at our website, whqr.org. Here are some sample comments selected from four of the questions: what you like least about WHQR, what you like best, how you would improve WHQR, and other comments.

First, from what you like least.

Peter said:

Repeated local news over morning and evening commuting time. I sometimes turn to other stations if I hear same stories twice during [the] day.

A different Peter said:

With the exception of [Gwenyfar], the local commentary is vapid, trite and an embarrassment to everyone who lives in the area.

Mike said:

Local WHQR announcers. The sappy day sponsor announcements telling us how much Linda loves Bill for 35 years of blissful marriage.

Andrew said:

[There’s] too much classical music.

Joanne said:

Give less air time to the hateful and irrational negative comments on Friday Feedback... Constructive comments are fine when done in a positive, rational way.

Those are from the “like least” column. Next from our survey, what you like best:

George said:

I listen to all your programming and trust your judgment on this. I even listen to the fund raising.

Jeannie said:

News and classical music. Staff and general manager's communication skills and responsive actions to listeners' concerns.

Alex said:

I really appreciate the great variety of programming within a fairly consistent schedule… I also like being able to hear some of my favorite programs with multiple airings.

Next from our survey, how you would improve WHQR:

Mike said:

The station needs to sharpen up. Start by listening to OPB, WUNC, KCRW or KPCC. The announcers sound like they're actually speaking in a normal way. Every announcer at WHQR, with few exceptions, sounds robotic…

Robert said:

Do exactly what you are doing. It's difficult because the area needs another public station, maybe even a third. But you do an excellent job of sorting it out and I hope you continue to do just that.

And last from our survey, other comments:

Jayann said:

During the campaign, I would like a little less silliness.

Aaron said:

This is a great station, and the only thing my car stereo plays that is not from my iPod.

Bill said:

I sometimes get the feeling (especially when I hear some of the comments on Friday Feedback) that the management of WHQR is intimidated by the supporters who favor lots of classical music - as if losing that support would undermine the stability. I would argue that more variety in musical offerings would increase support from a wider audience…

Sandy said:

I couldn't begin my day without WHQR to give me a report on what has gone on in the news. You keep me informed on the local news and weather which is also very important.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback, for your questions and comments, likes and dislikes about any aspect of the station. Please fill out our Listener Survey. You can also send us feedback by filling out a Comment below, by sending us an email message or by calling our Feedback line: 910-292-WHQR (9477). And thanks for your feedback.