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Friday Feedback

Friday Feedback for July 20, 2012


During our on-air fund drives we receive many comments along with pledges from listeners. Here’s a sample from our Summer drive, which ended Wednesday night.

Donna and Brian Shiro of Wilmington said:

I enjoy Morning Edition and Science Friday! Great station with great staff.

Mary Stephenson of Myrtle Beach said If she couldn't get her classical music, she would be in such a bind!

Suzanne and David Manning of Carolina Shores said:

What I couldn't get on my NYC [station] are the wonderful Talk of the Nation and the Diane Rehm shows.

Robin Van Vliet and Edward Van Vliet of Supply said:

I really enjoy your programming - especially Diane Rehm, Smooth Landings (great music, George!), Marketplace, the Splendid Table, and of course Garrison. I'd love to hear more programs like Thistle and Shamrock, and it would be so nice to have a breakfast jazz program on Sunday mornings. I know I'm probably alone in this but would definitely enjoy it. Thanks!

Connie Morter and Greg Morter of Wilmington said:

Particularly enjoy all the Saturday morning shows from Car Talk to This American Life, we like them all.

Bret Hering and Jennifer Hering of Burgaw said:

Sorta new listener, maybe 5-6 months now. Have you in the car, office and shower now. I really love everything about this station. I’m 42 yrs old now, so anything 'hip' today is not for me. This is relaxing, entertaining and funny on Sundays!

Norbert Stewart and Kathryn Smith of LOUISVILLLE said:

Our first time in Cape Fear and we are loving your station...

Joel Mintzes and Sue Mintzes of Chico, California said:

Come to visit every summer and enjoy the station.

Sue Jameson and Suzanne Jameson of Wilmington said:

Dearly love Jemilla, Phil Furia and all the local arts information. Thanks to everyone involved in helping WHQR become the glorious staion it has become.

Teri Ross of Hampstead said:

I am an absurdly loyal listener, so much so that when people complain about programming or whether you say 'point' 93.1 or not, it gets right up my nose. Silly? yes.

Elizabeth Rodig of Elizabethtown said:

listening for 23 since moved here and its the greatest.

Fry Smith of Hudgins said:

Look forward to listening to WHQR when we go to Myrtle Beach.

Anne Pittman of Wallace said:

It is great for giving science news and as a science teacher at Duplin Early College High School I use everything I hear in my classroom. You're the best!

John Lapatchka wrote:

Since moving to Southeast NC this past May the first thing that I do every morning is tune in to WHQR.

Spring Harkins of Shallotte said:

My job is driving all day, and if it weren't for you guys I couldn't do it. I'm so happy this area has such a great public radio station.

Neil Sload wrote:

This is for my daughter, Sophia, who's very concerned about the trees.

Joseph Cobof of Canyon Country, California wrote:

listen at home(CA) and glad to find it here working on ironman glad about the trees.

Barbara Morgan of Hampstead wrote:

Change is hard to adjust to for any age group but the most disappointing part of your change is dropping the 2 hrs of science Fri. You do damage to the community because our society is turning into a materialistic entertainment demanding world. We need all the science & math out there. I am a political junkie & have been listening to Lake Wobegon for decades.

Roy and Penny Patterson wrote:

We are working spouses, passing like ships in the night, who greet each other with 'Did you hear the story on HQR?' We both love 'Click&Clack,' 'Wait, Wait,' 'Fresh Air' 'TON' esp Ken Rudin, and 'The Writer's Almanac.' The fact that we do not love every show/story supports the view that you are wide-ranging, broadly informative and imaginatively entertaining. Continued thanks.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback, for your questions and comments, likes and dislikes about any aspect of the station. We’re on Facebook and Twitter. You can also send us feedback with an email message. And we have a new number for our Feedback line: 910-292-WHQR (9477). And thanks for your feedback.