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Friday Feedback for November 18, 2011

Church in Hokksund, Norway
Church in Hokksund, Norway

You may have noticed that the last few weeks’ Feedbacks have had us basking in compliments. Maybe it’s the change from Daylight Saving Time, but we have several of the other kind today.

But not all: Jerry wrote:

  • I'm glad WHQR is on the internet. I'm listening from Hokksund, Norway.

I also spoke with Barbara, who works in Charleston during the week but listens to us online every morning.
Landon wrote:

  • Wanted to comment on some frustration with HQR. Though I find some things to really enjoy (Jemila and George, most specifically), many other aspects of this station and NPR pluck every nerve. I admit I don't listen every day, so maybe this is due to my ignorance and not your neglect. But I would have found it much easier to listen to Diane Rehm’s broadcast knowing she has been diagnosed and treated for spasmodic dysphonia. . .
    I don't necessarily think that a person's disability should be highly publicized when it has no impact on their job performance. However, a vocal impairment of this magnitude seems relevant, both to her delivery and to her ability to catch and hold someone's attention. If her condition was ever revealed by HQR, I missed it. But I wonder how many others in your audience had the same mistaken impression I had?

Listener Vicki writes:

  • Is there anyone left in broadcasting who says "libRary" rather than "liberry"? I count on NPR/WHQR to set the standards for many things in Wilmington. One of those is accurate pronunciation. This sloppy "liberry" pronunciation happens all the time on-air. Please ask everyone to say this word correctly. It's nails on a blackboard to my ears. Many thanks!

Douglas wrote concerning out new website at whqr-dot-org:

  • As best I can tell, you have removed the playlists for programs such as [Performance Today]. This is very disappointing.

This is one of several issues that are still unfinished. Our webmaster is addressing the problem and is hopeful that we might be able to find a better solution soon, but for now we have put in a direct link to the Performance Today home site, so users can find playlists.
In a similar vein, a listener pointed out that they are unable to pick us up on the table-top Internet radio that NPR sells. We believe this is not related to the new web site, but rather to a coding error at NPR that affects smart phone listeners as well. So we’re working on that, too. The listening links on our website are working fine.

Finally, a note about a couple of power cutbacks we had to make Monday and Tuesday. Workers were climbing the tower we're on to work on the TV antennas there. In order to protect them, we must go on our backup signal at power. So some listeners reported problems, and we have no HD service when we have such cutbacks. We really had no choice, so thank you for your patience.