Code of Ethics

WHQR 91.3fm   Fundraising Code of Ethics

Our code of ethics was created to foster respectful and productive fundraising with our communities. In the context of community radio, the actual practice of ethical fundraising serves to promote and preserve the spirit of free speech, independent media, and social justice by advocating activism, philanthropy, and volunteerism.

Responsible stewardship of our resources is the ideal of purposeful fundraising, progressive philanthropy, and personal generosity. We are committed to the donor's intent of their gift to WHQR 91.3fm in every way that abides to the organizational mission and to ethical nonprofit practice.

We affirm that all WHQR 91.3fm solicitation appeals:

  • Shall be truthful, accurate and accountable to the actual programs for which the solicited funds will be used
  • Shall accurately describe WHQR 91.3fm's purpose, programs and needs
  • Shall only make claims, which WHQR 91.3fm can fulfill
  • Shall contain no misleading information, (including material omissions or exaggerations of fact)
  • Shall not use misleading photographs or any other communication, which would tend to create a false impression or misunderstanding of our mission

Any and all communications by WHQR 91.3fm to the public shall respect the dignity, values, history, and culture of the communities being served by its radio programming and network. In particular, the organization shall avoid the following:

  • Messages which fuel prejudice, hatred, or intolerance.
  • Messages which foster a sense of national superiority over local community.
  • Messages which exploit our listeners for only their resources rather than respect their intelligence on issues, and respect them as equal partners in civic action for peace & justice.
  • WHQR 91.3fm staff will ensure that messages sent out in short term urgent appeals do not undermine the long time work of development education of our sister stations.
  • WHQR 91.3fm staff shall not exploit or personally benefit from any donor relationship, volunteer relationship, or organizational committee relationship.
  • WHQR 91.3fm staff shall disclose all potential or actual conflicts of interest; such disclosure shall not preclude or imply ethical impropriety.
  • WHQR 91.3fm shall adhere to the spirit as well as the letter of all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to fundraising practices.
  • WHQR 91.3fm shall not disclose to any party donor details including the donor or mailing list.