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Bark Air aims to revolutionize flying for dogs


Flying with a furry friend can be stressful because you just never know how your pet will react on the plane.


But now there is a private jet service for the discerning dog.


UNIDENTIFIED NARRATOR: Finally, dogs will fly the way they've always deserved to - first.

MARTÍNEZ: Matt Meeker is the CEO of BARK, the company that runs the treat subscription service BarkBox. BARK has partnered with a jet charter service to launch BARK Air to give man's best friend a luxurious seat in the sky.

MATT MEEKER: The plane is a Gulfstream V, so it's nicer than first class by quite a bit. We layer on top of that a BARK experience, which involves things like blankets and pillows for the dogs. And those are covered in pheromones to make them more comfortable. Our treats or snacks for the dogs - some of those are the flavors they enjoy, offering them a menu, different types of water, including dog champagne, which is just chicken broth - so nonalcoholic.

MARTIN: Right now, BARK Air only services flights from Los Angeles, New York and London. But a one-way ticket will cost you - OK, my eyes are watering here, A - at least $6,000.

MARTÍNEZ: (Laughter) And, sure, it's great to be a rich dog if they can afford it. But Meeker does say they are hoping to lower that price eventually.

MEEKER: This is the case with a lot of new things. Like, the DVD player comes out and it's $2,000, and within 10 years it's $200.

MARTIN: And in case you're wondering, there are no plans yet for a flight service for cats.

MARTÍNEZ: Oh, wouldn't that be paw-some?

MARTIN: Oh, that's bad. Sorry, no.

MARTÍNEZ: (Laughter).

MARTIN: All right, A, I would like to know...

MARTÍNEZ: Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

MARTIN: ...What treats would be on your private plane? - because we are in public media, so that is a fictional private plane. But if there were a private plane, what treats would be on yours?

MARTÍNEZ: Well, Michel, I know I give off a lot of PJE - you know, private jet energy.

MARTIN: Yes, you do. You so do.

MARTÍNEZ: But I would never get on a private - I just wouldn't do it. A very famous baseball player once offered me a ride on a private jet, his private jet, and I turned it down 'cause I figure, I'm covering you, man. I can't be on a plane with you if I'm covering you.

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