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Friday Feedback for August 7, 2015


**Please note that some material in the following segment and audio contains language that some may find disturbing. Discretion is advised**.

Judith Gebauer wrote:

Please retire the Car Talk rebroadcasts on Saturday mornings.

Bryce Flint-Somerville wrote:

Smooth Landings almost always hits me in exactly the right place. It's as if I have a personal DJ to select the right songs for my emotional reality at the end of the day. Uncanny and sublime!
"Booya." -- Larry and Reen

Janet McPherson of Whiteville wrote on Wednesday. A portion of her comment has been edited a bit for language on the radio:

I was appalled to hear Bob Workmon introduce an upcoming story about the Planned Parenthood fetal tissue scandal by saying, "although the series of sting videos gives no evidence that Planned Parenthood is breaking the law..." I beg to differ! I have watched all of the videos and I think there is plenty of evidence that Planned Parenthood is breaking several laws. However, even if they have not technically broken laws, they have certainly violated the rules of human decency by dismembering [their treatment of] babies in the womb and then callously dissecting them and peddling the parts. And they call this "women's health care”!

In response, we thank Janet for her comment. The announcement in question was based on NPR’s reporting during All Things Considered. We believe that their story was factually correct on the issue of whether any laws had been broken by Planned Parenthood. That will ultimately be up to the courts to decide. The question of whether the videos were graphic and disturbing is, of course, another matter.

Friday Feedback is going to take a holiday for the next couple of weeks. I’ll leave you with a few more comments from our recent Stealth Drive:

Julie Martin said:

We listen with wonder.

David Zulaszek said:

nice to have the rich variety of programming in a relatively small market (comparable to Wash DC and Chicago)

Jeanna Boyd said:

WHQR has improved so much over the last few years, thank you for !taking a good thing even better!

Jammie Price said:

Crown George

Jarvis Brown wrote:

As a Travel RN, I listen to you across the nation. Therefore, YOU are a National Asset to me! Helping WHQR is a gift to my children in Wilmington; WPD Officer Joshua Brown and Lauren Brown, RN

Mara, Zach, Andy and Caitlin Linquist of Wilmington wrote:

We love this station!! The four of us decided to battle it out for this T-shirt, never has there been fought a more epic game of Settlers of Catan!

Now there is a comment that could have been lifted straight from an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Thanks.

Abigail Currier wrote:

I love love love your news format. Thank you again for this most welcomed update.

Larry and Reen Cahoon said:


We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can always leave a message via email to feedback@WHQR.org. Our Feedback Phone is 910-292-9477. And thanks for your feedback.