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You Know Her, Her Name Rhymes with ...

In this week's on-air Puzzle, every answer is the name of a famous writer. Given rhymes for the first and last names, you name the writers. For example: given "Wet Start," you'd say "Bret Harte."

Challenge from Last Week: Name something a football player wears, in eight letters. Rearrange the eight letters into two four-letter words associated with a fraud. What words are these?

Answer: Facemask / Fake - Scam

Winner: Mariano Hinojosa from Baton Rouge, La.

This week's Challenge: Take the word "underachievement," change one letter in it, and rearrange the result to get a famous actress, first and last name. What actress is it?

This challenge comes from frequent contributor Merle Reagle.

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